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Oranges march to top spot

UWE [1 - 5] B&W 2s

16th October 2021

Report by Dave Vernon

The sun rose over a boggy, moss-ridden pitch at UWE, only half an hour after the Men's 2s had arrived for their TEN-THIRTY start against the spritely students. This early in the season it's hard to know what to expect from a side with as much churn in personnel and in their stomachs as UWE 1s, but B&W were ready for anything.

It started with what is quickly becoming a trademark of the 2s side; the academics found themselves overwhelmed by a barrage of orange chances and the score was 0 - 2 within four minutes, with Jake Seager's tap in followed by a Max Roberts rocket (and aeroplane celebration). At 0 - 3 within 10 minutes, thanks to Phil Brown, UWE sobered up and made the game competitive, but Bristol lengthened their stroke and settled in, spending the rest of the half grinding away at the opposition's spirits.

Out of the blocks in the second half, and UWE's half-time Beroccas had worked a treat. They came at Bristol with fire in their bellies, and had two great chances early on that they did well to squander. Bristol responded by shrugging, then making it 0 - 4. Bristol had the best of the chances from then on, and were surprised to concede with around 20 minutes to go, to cries of "get the ball" from a UWE side that now smelled blood. They were mistaken, and they found out that it was actually just last night's stale Jaeger Bombs when Bristol made it 5 not long after.

The last ten minutes were played like it was 0 - 0, but Bristol coasted the game out expertly, and took their third win on the bounce to join the men's 1s and 3s at the top of their respective leagues.

Final score: UWE [1 - 5] B&W 2s

Goals: Jake Seager (2), Max Roberts (2), Phil Brown

MoM - Will Madge for some solid work at right-back

DoD - Dave Vernon, for having a nightmare at teas!

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