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Ladies Team Match Reports

BAWL v Wotton-Under-Edge – 26 November 2016.

BAWL v Wotton-Under-Edge – 26 November 2016.

The away game against Wotton-Under-Edge is always a slightly dreaded one…

Simply because someone always ends up lost, and true to form it happened again! With a player with a dodgy sat-nav lost in Clifton and the cold morning game at 10am, we had 11 players to try our best to show Wotton what we could do. We were off to a strong start when within the first 10 minutes Chloe scored our first goal. The remainder of the first half was an even playing field with play being evenly spread on both ends of the pitch. Conceding one goal not long after our first, we were in no position to be giving up with Miriam scoring another goal putting us back in lead back again to a 2-1 position. Sitting on a 2-1 winning position at half-time, we knew that with this though Wotton were going to do their best to take the win, reminding us that it was still anyone’s game for the taking. During the second half, our mid-fielders were putting their fitness to the test as Wotton forwards were trying their best to gain another goal. However, even with our defence holding strong, Wotton managed to get one past us. The second half was still an even playing field with both teams pushing their way forward. Our mid-fielders and forwards determined as ever still trying for another goal were successful when Hannah was our next scorer. With the third goal from our forwards being scored that meant we were in lead position. The final whistle blew and the game was a winning success with BAWL taking the 3-2 win. It was a great game played by all members of the team and a great win meant we were ready (and in Celebration mode) for the Christmas party that laid ahead.

Goals: Chloe Foy (1), Miriam Smith (1) and Hannah Andrews (1)

Man of the match: Emily Plant

Dick of the day: Evie Turner

BAWL v Thornbury – 19 November 2016.

BAWL v Thornbury – 19 November 2016.

Home game against Thornbury.


With Thornbury sitting second in the league we were under no impression that this week’s game was going to be an easy one.  This didn’t mean that we’d sitting back and giving ourselves an easy time. 

Their strong forward players broke through our defence on a number of occasions in the first half scoring three goals against out ‘stand-in’ goalie Grace.

However, their victory was soon silenced when our own forwards were charging for our attacking half and proving a successful effort, when Lisa scored our first (and sadly only) goal of the match, despite the efforts made by our forwards.  Despite the cold heavy drizzle that hit us just before half time we weren’t ready to hang up our sticks for the day just yet.

At half time, the score sitting at 3-1, we were reminded that the game wasn’t over yet and we still had plenty of fight left in us.  Getting back into formation in the second half, the game was a more

Despite the ending lose, our defence held the game well with only a few goals getting through, with one being an unfortunate deflection from our own stick.

With new players still joining the team, and a good turn out to training each week, we are proving that we deserved the promotion last year and we are going to continue to fight to stay in it.

It was a good game had by both sides ending on a 4-1 loss, but we will graciously lose to a team who deserved the win.

Goal: Lisa Sampson (1)

Man of the match (joint): Sarah Mattravers and Grace Burns

Dick of the day (joint): Sarah Mattravers and Miriam Smith 

BAWL v OBs – 29th October 2016 - Friendly.

BAWL v OBs – 29th October 2016  - Friendly.

This week was half term, which in ladies hockey terms usually means no matches!

Luckily, we were able to get a friendly organised with Old Bristolians.

Unfortunately for OBs they couldn’t get a goalie.  This didn’t mean thought that that OBs didn’t put up a good defence or run for our money!  The game was an even spread of both ends of the pitch and ensuring that our mids had a good run-around and the defence weren't left with nothing to do.

OBs having no goalie played in our favour and at the end of the first half we were on 8 – 0 to BAWL. 

Considering it was a friendly, our keeps – Kerry – offered herself as their goalie in the second half, keeping it a more fair game.

Goalie down meant we knew that we had a little more work to do when the ball was played in our defending end.  Second half we came back just as determined, as did OBs.

We still managed to get two goals through our Kerry, but she didn’t give us an easy ride either, making us fight for the additional two goals (one of which we would like to mention came from our sweeper ‘Smurph’ playing the unusual position for her of left forward for a change - sure what else are friendly's for if not to try a position you don't usually play?).

Full time seen the match ending on a 10 – 0 win to BAWL.

The end of the match seen us heading off for some well deserved breakfast sandwiches and a cuppa tea with a smile on our faces!

A good game had by both sides.

Shout out to our loyal supporters James Baber and Ross Osbourne and Stuart Byrant as ref.

Goals this week from Hannah Smith (3), Hannah Andrews (2), Alice Horwood (2), Lisa Sampson (1), Miriam Smith (1), Sarah Mattravers (1)

Man of the Match – Lisa Sampson for organising the game.

Dick of the Day – Sarah Mattravers for not setting the right alarm!

BAWL v South Glos – 4 – 2 lose

BAWL put out a good game against the younger faced South Glos. At Bradley Stoke Community School, but leading to a tough 4-2 lose.
We played a good match with our defensive line giving the South Glos. forwards a run for their money throughout the entire match! Half time reminded us that this wasn’t going to be an easy game, but we still had some resilience and fight left in us and went into the second half with the fighting spirit we had left.. Our forwards had a good amount of opportunities in the attacking end, but only seeing 2 successful attempts; one from Clare Smith and the other from Chloe Foy. Two goals is always better than none in our books! Full time seen the score ending on 4-2 but there’s no doubt that we didn’t fight back hard despite the final score. A good performance, but South Glos. just had that extra oomph. Moving up a league and the introduction of new players to our growing team has given us a little unsteady footing so far, but we aren’t for hanging up our sticks just yet and as training continues we hope to see some more fruitful matches. Bring on our chance to show them our true game face in round 2, to be played in February 2017.
Goals: Clare Smith (1) and Chloe Foy (1)
Man of the Match - Sarah Mattravers & Clare Smith.
Dick of the Day - Chloe Foy.

BAWL v Westberries 4s 1st Oct

BAWL drew 2-2 against west berries.

In what was a hard fought game Bristol went a goal down early doors however a goal from a short corner by Hannah Smith made it level by half time. West berries came back out strong and a touch line goal sent them ahead. In the second half Bristol picked it up and started playing the hockey we are used to some great passing and use of space saw us draw level after a second goal from Chloe Foy. In what was a hard game it was great to come away with and draw. Hoping for our first win this weekend.

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