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1st Team Match Reports

1st team v West Wilts (H) - Lost 2 - 3


When you've lost your last two on the bounce, what do you need next? How about top of the league at home, while missing some of your first team regulars? Luckily for us, B&W have plenty of talent able to step into the void in order to fight for their spot.

Neil Blackaller's return (and promotion to centre midfield) was very welcome as well as Brian Edwards being back from injury.

Needless to say we gave the top of the league a bit of a shock for a team that seems to have been struggling a little bit of late, with every player stepping up to the mark.

This was perhaps one of the best performances we have had to date and it was unfortunate that the result was just beyond us. The rear-guard action of the defence was excellent with skipper Ed Ledger shining (having not made any rugby tackles), but just a couple of minor slips and errors ending up costing us dearly, despite goals from Christian Elvidge and Rob Williams.

The final score was 2 - 3 to West Wilts and saw us drop down to 7th in the table on 13 points. A tally shared by 3 other teams at present, to show how competitive this league is.

Next it's on to the easier game of 4th place Swansea City at home. Another competitive game ahead.
Support is always welcome - 12pm at the Ridings hockey fans!

Man of the Match:  Ed Ledger

Goals:  Christian Elvidge, Rob Williams

Man of the Match awards: 
2 - Dan Ott
1.5 - Josh Norton
1 each -  Johnny Wilson, Christian Elvidge, Duncan Elliott, Harry Bryant, Ed Ledger
0.5  -  Charlie WIlliams

6 - Josh Norton 
3 - Christian Elvidge, Rob Williams
2 each -  Charlie Williams, Dan Lusmore, Dan Ott
1 - Tom Seager, Harry Bryant 

Match record:  Played  9   Won  4   Drawn  1   Loss  4   Goals Scored 20

1st team v Marlborough (A) L 1 - 4

With a hard few fixtures coming, the 1st team had another trickey game against Marlborough who won their first 5 games on the bounce, but lost the last 2. So we knew it would be tricky but we were also in with a chance given their recent downturn in form.

It could have started better, with Dan Ott misplacing a pass straight from the push back. We worked hard to recover but we fell 1-0 behind, which turned into 2-0 as we lost some our of concentration and were quickly punished by a strong and well-drilled team.

The work rate was never in question from anyone, but after half time the boys efforts doubled and a quick break lead to Harry Bryant being 1 on 1 with the keeper. In H's true style he went round him with a fake one way and going the other. Back to 2-1 and in the game then.

Unfortunately, Marlborough were clinical at short corners and scored a quick fire double to put the game beyond us at 4-1. Despite the effort that followed, we were beaten on the day by a good team, but the final scoreline felt a little unfair on us.

Well played boys. But it'll be a different story at home!

Man of the Match: Harry Bryant

Goal:  Harry Bryant

Man of the Match awards: 
2 - Dan Ott
1.5 - Josh Norton
1 each -  Johnny Wilson, Christian Elvidge, Duncan Elliott, Harry Bryant
0.5  -  Charlie WIlliams

Goals:  6 - Josh Norton 
2 each -  Charlie Williams, Christian Elvidge, Dan Lusmore, Dan Ott, Rob Williams
1 - Tom Seager, Harry Bryant 

Match record:  Played  8   Won  4   Drawn  1   Loss  3   Goals Scored 18

1st team v Devizes: Lost 1 - 3

Another home fixture and this time it was the turn of Devizes who had just toppled the top of the table Marlborough 2 - 0 the previous week.  The task was going to be tough, but sadly the performance was not up to the high standards of the previous weeks. 

There were big challenges, hard tackles and cards aplenty being dished out by the league umpires (deservedly so in several cases). 

The skipper found himself with an extended yellow card at the end of the game for what has been described as a "heavy challenge". There was also a harsher yellow card for Harry who we thought had won the ball pretty cleanly.

At the end of the day it goes into the records books as a 1-3 loss at home. Disappointing at Fortress Ridings, but it's going to be another big game next week away against Marlborough who sit just 2 points ahead in 4th place. 

Slipped to 5th place on 13 points after 7 league games played. But back to form next week boys!

Goal:  Rob Williams

Man of the Match: Duncan Elliott

Man of the Match awards: 
2 - Dan Ott
1.5 - Josh Norton
1 each -  Johnny Wilson, Christian Elvidge, Duncan Elliott
0.5  -  Charlie WIlliams

Goals:  6 - Josh Norton 
2 each -  Charlie Williams, Christian Elvidge, Dan Lusmore, Dan Ott, Rob Williams
1 - Tom Seager 

Match record:  Played  7   Won  4   Drawn  1   Loss  2   Goals Scored 17

1s: 2-1 win at Bath Buccs 4s

After beating Bath Buccs' 3rd XI at home last week, the 1s had the task of taking on their 4th team down at Bath Uni on tricky, bouncy waterbase astro.  With no hangovers and with Bath Buccs 4s yet to claim a point this season, we were hopeful of staying on winning form...

We started strongly with Rob Williams winning short corners and it didn't take long for Josh Norton to flick one into right hand side and we took a 1-0 lead.  Looking good right... but we seemed to lose our structure and the game became much more even with both teams having chances to score.

Just as we came up to half time, our marking came slack and Bath got the chance to pass the ball in on the back post. So at half time we found ourselves at 1-1.

So onto the second half and once again the defence were working hard to keep us in the game. With Bath piling on the pressure, we continued to look for counter-attacks to pinch the winner, but our final touch was lacking on the troublesome bouncy pitch. A ball in from the sideline from Tom Seager to Norton released Josh to put a hard slap hard against the backboard.

2-1 up and clinging on then.  The twist...last 3 minutes remaining and after Josh had a few words for the umpire. To say the least they were not appreciated and after calling over the skipper, Ed Ledger, we finished the game without our Captain. Sadly the fact that it was not loud enough for Ed to hear didn't mean too much.  Dan Ott made that point and almost followed him off, but luckily we kept 10 on the end of the pitch.

Final whistle but a short corner to face. The first was defended and the second was seen off by Johnny Wilson.
A tricky 2-1 win, but 3 points cannot be a bad thing.

4th place in the league and 3 points off top spot.

Goals:  Josh Norton (2)

Man of the Match:  Dan Ott

Man of the Match awards: 
2 - Dan Ott
1.5 - Josh Norton
1 each -  Johnny Wilson, Christian Elvidge
0.5  -  Charlie WIlliams

Goals:  6 - Josh Norton
2 each -  Charlie Williams, Christian Elvidge, Dan Lusmore, Dan Ott
1 each - Robbie Williams, Tom Seager

Match record:  Played  6   Won  4   Drawn  1   Loss  1   Goals Scored 16

1st: 2 - 1 win Bath Buccs 3s

This week the game was delayed to a Sunday, as the club celebrated the wedding of our very own 2nd team skipper, Andy Platts.

Despite the festivities and inevitable hangovers, we managed to turn up somewhat prepared and raring for a game. Josh Norton's former club were waiting for us hoping that the late night meant they'd be able to turn us over without much of a fight but after some...interesting was clear that it wasn't going to be the case.

Strong tackles went in throughout, with the highlight being Christian "I got the ball" Elvidge sitting a Bath player down having run through him.  To noones surprise but his own Christian earned himself a yellow card (not to mention the fine that follows).

He was not alone with the cards as tackles (of varying quality) came in across the pitch from both teams.  The rearguard action and hard running from everyone to a man was evident as we showed a lot of grit having gone down 1-0 early on.

We replied with a goal from Norton from a short corner, flying to the keeper's right hand side. 1-1 and now with a foothold in the game, it was looking like we were the more likely team to win but the game remained a stalemate.

With just 5 minutes to go, we were pressing again when Norton found himself dribbling round the top of the 'D' again before a quick turn and superb flick into the right corner.

Everyone to a man put in a shift to win the game. 3 points hard earned and back into the top 4 of the table.

Man of the match:  Josh Norton - for his superb finishing under pressure and clinical passing

Goals:  Josh Norton (2)

Man of the Match awards: 
1.5 - Josh Norton
1 each -  Johnny, Christian Elvidge, Dan Ott
0.5  -  Charlie WIlliams

Goals:  4 - Josh Norton
2 each -  Charlie Williams, Christian Elvidge, Dan Lusmore, Dan Ott
1 each - Robbie Williams, Tom Seager

Match record:
 Played  5   Won  3   Drawn  1   Loss  1   Goals Scored 14

1s vs Swindon Away

The team made a short trip up the M4 to the wide reaching club of Swindon who had made a strong start to the season themselves.

Unfortunately the mix between a strong line up from Swindon and our boys not being at our best means that we lapsed to our first loss of the season. After a slow start we slipped to a loss on 4 - 2 on the day, much to our frustration.

Slipping down to mid-table means a big win will be required in the next couple of weeks as we play Bath Buccs 3s & 4s back to back. Time to rebound gents!


Man of the Match awards: Josh Norton (0.5), Charlie WIlliams (0.5), Christian (1), Dan Ott (1)    [1 x to be confirmed]
Goals:  2 each -  Josh Norton , Charlie Williams, Christian Elvidge, Dan Lusmore, Dan Ott  [2 x to be confirmed]
Match record:  Played  4   Won  2   Drawn  1   Loss  1   Goals Scored 12

1st team - Fortress Ridings stands firm against UWE

Another game, another bunch of students coming to the Fortress with their well-drilled side complete with pace and skill. This time it was the local rivals of UWE's 1st XI who were having a difficult start to the season.

This week we had a number of first team regulars missing and the opportunity for others to stake their claim for a first team spot. There were league debuts for Simon Barrett and Pakchum Tse as well as returns for Sam Doe, Neil Blackaller and Phil Brown.

The game started slowly and as expected the young opposition started at full speed, though our defensive work stopped them getting clear cut chances.  That was until a short corner was slightly fortunately converted by UWE to take a lead midway through the first half.

We kept up the pressure on them and we had the ball in the net from a followed up short by Dan Ott, but this was struck off and disallowed. Sadly we were not able to get the break through and we were trailing 1-0 at half time.

In the second half, we took control of the game, with the aerials from Ed Ledger being thrown into space for the forwards to run onto creating numerous counter-attacking opportunities.  Two quick fire goals from Dan Lusmore made a quick turn around to reverse the deficit and while UWE came back fighting, we kept piling on the pressure ourselves.

Rob Williams earned a penalty flick following a typical run into the D, which was converted by Dan Ott to make it 3-1.  Despite a couple of misplaced passes causing some nervous moments, the full time whistle blew after yet another short corner was won by Rob Williams. Dan Lusmore lined it up and after it was batted down by the keeper, it was followed up by Dan Ott for his second.

Full time score was 4-1.

Goals: Dan Lusmore (2), Dan Ott (2)

Man of the Match: Dan Ott



Man of the Match awards: Josh Norton (0.5), Charlie WIlliams (0.5), Christian (1), Dan Ott (1)

Goals: Josh Norton (2), Charlie Williams (2), Christian Elvidge (2), Dan Lusmore (2), Dan Ott (2)

Match record:  Played  3   Won  2   Drawn  1   Goals Scored 10

1st team Cup Showdown - Bristol derby

After a decent cup run last year the promotion to Conference North meant this year we were pushed in to "THE CUP" where we play the top level of teams in the Country. No pressure then!

So to the draw... Away... against the old foe of Clifton Robinsons 2nd XI.

After beating the 1st team in summer league we thought it was going to be a good chance for us to get through. However, after Robbies 1st team gained promotion to National League, they picked up some top players in their squad. All of sudden this game was trickier than first thought.

To the team, 1st XI debuts were given to Simon Barrett, the new Kris Knowlson and the 14-year old youngster Reef French.

Needless to say the game was hard going and we were pressured all over the pitch by a young, talented and fit Robbies team. This lead us to slip to a 1-0 deficit at half time with us finding it very difficult to make any opportunities due to the lack of time given to us on the ball.

The second half was much like the first but the work rate of the boys was second to none. We pressed Robbies back and gave them as little time as possible on the ball.  Sadly we did not quite have enough to get the equaliser and after a short corner we conceded a second.  The game did end 2-0 and so the cup effort has finished on week one this year.

Our man of the match was Duncan in goal who came up with some big saves and kept us in it.

Unlucky this year boys. Time to focus on the league this year! Back to back promotions?

Return to the student's den

Last season the 1st XI came second in the league against Cardiff Uni A (2s) by a solitary point.  This included losing over at Cardiff with just 3 games left.  This meant that the return this week was personal!

So in a new league we lined up against Cardiff again looking to make it 2 wins from 2 in Conference North.

Unfortunately after a slow start we found ourselves 1-0 down after conceding from a short corner.  It's fair to say the first half was not going the way we planned, though the boys were creating chances from the aerial balls coming from the back.  The new Cardiff bouncy pitch was not making it easy though and effecting our final pass and we struggled to find the finish needed.

That being said, the boys are nothing but stubbron and we continued to press the students with half-time looming, winning a short corner just as the half-time whistle blew. The first three attempts were not converted, but each time winning a further chance from the set piece.

Eventually the goal deservedly came with the deflected attempt being finished off by Christian Elvidge. Half-time and it was 1-1.

The second half went much like the first with the energy levels high from both teams, but neither able to find the net again.

The game finished at 1-1 with both teams taking a well-earned point.

Man of the match went to Christian for his constant effort in midfield and his goal.

The team find themselves in 5th place after 2 games with next week the game being the first of our Bristol derbies. Home vs UWE! Welcome to Fortress Ridings!

Goal: Christian Elvidge.


MEN OF THE MATCHES: J Norton (0.5), C WIlliams (0.5), Christian (1)

GOALS: J Norton (2), C Williams (2), C Elvidge (2)

Newent come to Fortress Ridings - 30 Sept 2017

30 Sept 2017 - H vs Newent

The start of the new season after a successful promotion season last year means the first team lined up against Newent in Conference North for the first time in 3 years.

Newent, having just come down from the division above, were looking like tough opposition and they started well by taking a 1-0 lead after converting a short corner.

The team quickly rebounded with fantastic energy across the team and work our way back into the match.  The returning Josh Norton scored the first with a precise drag flick into the right hand corner of the net to make it 1-1.

Soon afterwards we took the lead and Josh Norton getting his second and further goals from Charlie Williams and Christian Elvidge to make it 4-1.

As half time came the team were firmly on top and the vibe was positive for a first win of the season, but Newent came back strong in the 2nd half.

Newent's response was 2 goals from short corners to drag the game back to 4-3. Tension on the sidelines was clearly heightened and the boys were working hard to create chances and this eventually came with Charlie Williams putting away his second and putting the game out of reach.

A great opening win with the game finishing 5-3.

The men of the match (as they couldn't be separated and didn't fancy an armwrestle) were Josh Norton and Charlie Williams

Goals: Charlie Williams (2), Josh Norton (2), Christian Elvidge

1s Cup Round of 64: H vs North Wilts

So for the first time in 3/4 years the men's 1st team have been entered into a cup.  After all why not?  We have a great squad, with a mix of youth and experience, and there's the chance of going far and getting yourself a game at the Olympic Park.

So to the game...against a North (rather than our usual West) Wilts team wanting to take their place in the 2nd round. 5 wins would get us to the final.

They are a couple of leagues below us, but that didn't stop them from putting on strong pressure. We started well enough again by taking an early lead before being pinned back before half-time, to 3-2 up.

The half-time message....keep creating chances, but we've got to stop giving away easy chances to the opposition who were happy to sit back and counter-attack.  It seemed to do the trick and we took complete control of the game.

Goals came from 6 different players and we won 11-3 but full time.  A good win and plenty to work on still.  Bring on round 2, to be played 29 November 2015.

Goals:  Tom Bryant (3), Harry Bryant (3), Justin Metcalfe (2), Matt Sullivan, Christian Elvidge, Ed Ledger

Man of the Match: Harry Bryant

Dick of the Day: Matt Sullivan (should never miss from a yard)

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