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6th Team Match Reports

B&WHC E 2 - 1 Old Bristolians E - Saturday 25th March 2017

The final game of the season at home vs Old Bristolians E saw a close game played end to end at a high tempo.  The first half saw numerous chances at either end of the pitch right from the push back and lots of well worked play lead to a couple of early chances on Old Bristolians goal.  Old Bristolians managed to break away on several occasions but some great defensive work limited their ability to get shots away.  We took the lead after a lovely ball from Mark Berry found Stuart Greenwood just on the outside of their D who then drove in, taking the ball away from their two defenders, before a strong shot to put the ball in the back of the goal.

The second half started in the same manner as the first with end to end play creating several chances for both teams.  Our second goal came from a shot just inside the D from Mark Berry whilst Stuart Greenwood managed to distract the OBs defence from the balls path.  Towards the end of the game OBs cranked up the pressure on our defence with numerous opportunities to get back into the game.  Their goal came from a short corner with the first shot being played to two players at the back post who then managed to score.  The pressure continued but we managed to clear our lines and hold the ball in their half for the final few minutes before the end.

A thoroughly enjoyable game to play and a well-deserved 2-1 win.  Some really nice simple play allowed us to work our way through an OBs team who played well to get a final win of the season.

B&WHC E 3 - 1 South Glos B, Saturday 11th March 2017

After numerous weeks of strong play but coming out on the wrong side of the score line the team managed to finish the game strongly to see off a spirited performance by South Glos B.

The game started well for us with strong play down the centre and right hand side of the pitch leading to numerous changes on goal.  After a few missed opportunities we managed to take the lead after a break down the middle lead to a shot on the edge of the D and a deflection to take it past their keeper and into the near corner of the goal.  The second goal came soon after with further strong play leading to a shot by Stuart Greenwood going past the last defender and in the back of the goal.  We continued to press South Glos for the rest of the half but were unable to make the most of the space and changes that came our way.  Towards the end of the half a quick break by South Glos lead to them putting pressure on our defence before they managed to get a shot away and score to make it 2-1.

The second half continued in a similar vein to the first with numerous opportunities for us punctuated by a few quick breaks by South Glos with some good defending at the back managing to fend off the attacks.  Pressing forward to put the game to bed we started to push a high line and commit further players forward to make the most of the space in their defence.  Our third goal came off a quick break from the back with the ball being played up front leaving us with a two on one situation, a quick pass once their last defender had been drawn out left us free on goal and able to drill the shot in the back of the net to take it to 3-1.

Another strong performance by all the team and we duly got the result we've deserved for several weeks.

Somerset Gryphons A 6 - 5 B&WHC E, Saturday 4th March 2017

A very strong first ten minutes by the team put us into a 2-0 lead with the second goal coming from a penalty flick after a strong run and shot within the D drawing a foul.  The good offensive work continued with the space out wide being used well with balls being fired into the D from the base line to create scoring opportunities.  Somerset started to apply pressure on our defence with numerous short corners one after another but to no avail.  We continued to make quick breaks and play well between the midfield and forwards and this duly resulted in two more goals taking us into a 4-0 lead.  Just before the half another short corner for Somerset resulted in them putting one in the back of the goal to make it 4-1 at half time.

In the second half we seemed to lack some of the composure that we had during the first and started to lose track of some of their players running through which gave them scoring opportunities.  Their second and third goals came with strong shots near the edge of the D with our defence unable to close down the shots quick enough.  We continued to have some quick breaks at the other end of the pitch and some nice runs allowed us a few more shooting opportunities.  Somerset continued to get short corner after short corner and their equaliser came from one of these; the pass being played out to the side before the shot was slotted past the man on the post.

With about 10 minutes to go we had another strong break down the right and the ball was fired in to the D, taking a deflection on the way through to go between their keeper’s legs and into the back of the goal to put us 5-4 up.  Somerset continued to press and a few minutes, and more short corners, later managed to equalise for the second time with a drilled shot.  In the final minute Somerset managed to break forward again and broke into the D before slotting the winner into the corner.

A devastating way to finish a game in which we deserved the win; the commitment, effort and way the entire team played has to be commended.  More performances like that will see the wins coming in.

Firebrands F 4 - 2 B&WHC E, Saturday 25th February 2017

A tough loss from which we deserved more than the eventual score line.  A good first 20 minutes by all the team with lots of aggressive attacking play creating numerous chances on goal.  The first of our goals came from near the edge of the D after some strong play down the right from Curt Silcox.  Firebrands had their opportunities in the first half but some great defensive work ensured that they didn't score.  Our second goal came from Stuart Greenwood after a lovely reverse put Stuart free in the box to slot it past their keeper.  The half continued with chances at either end with little breather apart from a brief injury pause after a collision between Wayne Manton in goal and one of their strikers when he came out to stop their run into the box.

At the start of the second half the youth of the Firebrands team started to come through as we became fatigued leading to several of their players’ becoming free at the back.  Eventually their pressure lead to 3 quick goals from fierce shots within the D.  We continued to try and get back in the game and had several scrambled opportunities on their goal line with their defence just holding on.  A final goal from Firebrands at the end of the game sealed the result on a loss that deserved at least a draw with all the possession, attacking play and defensive work that went on throughout the game.

Special mention to Reg Williams who had a great game in the middle of the field in his first game in several months.

B&WHC E 0 - 4 Westbury & UB F, Saturday 18th February 2017

A good start to the game with the team keeping possession and marking well, not letting Westbury through on goal.  The good work continued with some early chances on their goal; an early short corner lead to the shot from Toby Waters going narrowly wide just past the outstretched Ollie Harris trying to deflect it in.  The half continued in a similar manner with both teams playing well and moving the ball forward creating opportunities.  Westbury's first goal came with a strong break into the box and a powerful shot that went past our outstretched keeper.  Their second and third goals came from a few minor slip ups defensively from which Westbury capitalised.

The second half was much of the same, a back and forth affair with some great defensive work at the back by Paul Johnston and Matt Simon helping to fend off the attacks of Westbury whilst some good work up front continued to create opportunities for us that we were unable to score from.

Westbury’s fourth and final goal came on a penalty flick which was very nearly saved, with the outstretched hand pushing the ball onto the corner of the post and only just into the goal.  Another penalty flick was awarded in the last moments of the game which Westbury's keeper came up to take but this was well saved down the middle of the goal.

A good performance overall however Westbury were able to make the most of their chances and take advantage of a few of our mistakes but we defended well, kept pressing and worked the ball nicely between each other at times.

B&WHC E 0 - 7 North Somerset B, Saturday 4th February 2017

A challenging game was inevitable when top of the table North Somerset B came to visit.  This was made tougher as some of our players have not played together much and North Somerset duly took advantage of this lack of cohesion by going into the lead from which they never looked back.  The first half was dominated by opportunities on our goal and North Somerset managed to capitalise on 7 of these, with several being well worked goals or from unlucky deflections right in front of goal.

The second half we gained more composure and started playing really well.  Matt Simon had a good game at the back in his first game for the club, his first hockey game in around 6 years, and got into his stride during the second half.  There were numerous opportunities at either end with both teams failing to capitalise and the game ended as a 7-0 loss.

Credit goes to all the team for not losing momentum and getting down hearted at the 7-0 half time score line but for digging in and keeping going.  A tough game to start out with, but once we started to get some cohesion we managed to hold the top of the table team to a 0-0 draw in the second half.

B&WHC E 2-3 North Somerset C - 7th January 2017

A strong game for the entire squad this weekend when North Somerset C visited in a re-arranged league game.  During the first half there was lots of strong interplay between the team, making sure we gave each other options to continue creating chances against their goal.  Despite the good play North Somerset went into a 2-0 lead off two quick breaks where their pace managed to get in behind our defence.  A well worked short corner drill for us was only narrowly put wide when the initial ball to the front post was then sent to the back post for finishing.

The second half continued in a similar vein to the first with strong play and some lovely balls being played through for our forwards to run onto maintaining the pressure on North Somerset's goal.  The pressure eventually lead to a goal when a long corner taken by Stewart Fraser was put into the back post for Harvey Fraser to emphatically send to the back of the net.  Moments later a quick break lead to a further chance when we were left one on one with their keeper only for the eventual shot to come off the post and back to their keeper.  A short corner routine by North Somerset lead to them going 3-1 up but we came straight back with a great individual effort by Harvey Fraser who took the ball into their D, past most of their defence, before slotting the ball in the back of the net.

A strong game by everyone, with several players coming back from injury, with the play and possession deserving much more than the eventual 3-2 loss.

Old Bristolians E 2-0 B&WHC E - 10th December 2016

A well played game and narrow 2-0 loss away to Old Bristolians E made all the more difficult that we only had 10 players.  The game was played in the pouring rain and OBs kept possession for the majority of the game, pressurising our back line on numerous occasions.  Their first goal came in the first half with a quick break managing to play between our defence allowing their free player a shot right in front of goal.  Despite the setback and numerous short corners, all of which were well defended, we managed to carve out a few chances with Stu Greenwood narrowly missing a lovely ball played into their D.  The second half continued in a similar vein to the first with OBs maintaining possession but we made them work hard for their second goal, again coming off the back of some good interplay.  A few more chances for us followed to try and get back into the game, with their keeper managing to save an initial shot from Harvey Fraser and the subsequent follow up by Ian Martin.  We played and defended well with Paul Johnson having a particularly good game at the back and Mike Ward making some fine saves.  A tough loss but everyone can feel good about the way we played.

South Glos B 3-3 B&W E, 26th November 2016

A good performance by the team this week resulted in a 3-3 draw away to South Glos B.  We started slowly which allowed South Glos to play a high line and pin us back on several occasions with this eventually leading to their first goal.  As the half went on we started to increase the pressure and managed to carve out some opportunities on their goal but a quick break by South Glos lead to their second goal.  Undeterred we continued to pressurise their goal and a shot by Nick Upton only just went over the bar during one of the short corners we had.  Our first goal came off the back of some good attacking work with the shot being finished off by Steve Mildren.

As the second half started, we managed to continue the pressure we built up during the latter part of the first half with some good interplay between the team allowing us to work our way into their D on numerous occasions.  Some great individual skill by Harvey Fraser allowed him to take it past several of their defenders within the D and launch a shot past their keeper to draw us level at 2-2.  Their third goal came off the back off another quick break and an initial shot which Merv Adams managed to save brilliantly down to his left but one of their players was able to follow up and finish the rebound.  We continued to press their D carving out chances and we managed to capitalise when a break into their D was finished off with some power by Dave Thomas.

Unfortunately we couldn't manage to take the win on a final short corner at full time but it was a good team performance.  Special mention goes to Elliott Phillips on a strong performance in his first hockey game in quite a few years.

B&W E 0 v 2 Somerset Gryphons A. 19th November 2016

A tight game between two closely matched sides took place when Somerset Gryphons A visited.  Unfortunately for us it ended in a 2-0 loss but there were a lot of positives to take from the game especially from a defensive standpoint.

In the first few minutes of the game Somerset managed to catch us napping at the back as they managed to capitalise on a free hit just outside the D.  Apart from that chance in the first half they had no other real opportunities on goal thanks to the great defensive work.  We managed to get break forward on numerous occasions with some nice work through the middle of the pitch to put pressure on their goal but were unable to make the most of this.

The second half carried on in a similar vein to the first with a defensive tussle at both ends of the pitch.  During a period of 10 minutes in the half we managed to keep pressuring their goal, keeping them pinned back in their half, but couldn’t manage to break through.  Throughout the half the good defensive work continued as we made sure none of their players were free and kept the communication up however their second goal came from another free hit and was finished by a sublime strike which we couldn’t have done much about.

A lot of positive to take from the game, a narrow loss but could have easily gone the other way.

North Somerset B 9 v 1 B&W E, 22nd October 2016

Putting the 9-1 score line to one side there were good performances at either end of the pitch as we played away at North Somerset.  In a fast flowing game North Somerset had plenty of chances early on and managed to get into a 2-0 lead after a first ten minutes punctuated by short corner after short corner.  We didn't let our heads drop and some great attacking work up front lead to Ollie Harris putting the ball away to bring it back to 2-1.  We had plenty of further chances in first half but were unable to capitalise on them whilst North Somerset managed to get two further goals.  The second half was more of a one sided affair with North Somerset on the front foot for most of the half.  Unfortunately they managed to score on two short corners using the same tactic but without the good defending in the rest of the half the score could have been much higher.  A challenging game for us all but some good things to be taken away.

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