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Tabby Fires Five 🖐️ as BWJ2s Find Form

15th October 2022

Wotton-Under-Edge 2 [1-6] Bristol & West 2

Report by: Tabby Moreton

The Bristol and West Jasper 2s had a fantastic game against the Wotton-Under-Edge 2s team this weekend, winning 6-1.

On arrival to the pitch, the heavens opened as we started to warm up. However, this did not lessen our positivity and determination towards the game.

Determined to live up to our win from the previous week, the team worked hard from the first push back to put pressure on the opposition and move the ball up the pitch. Once in the D, the team fired quick passes to get around the goalie, utilising the players on the penalty spot and posts. This proved effective and in the first 10 minutes, we had secured two goals.

We continued to work hard to keep possession of the ball and any break throughs made by the opposition were quickly turned around in our defending half. There were some fantastic saves from Kerry and work between every defender to get the ball back out into attack. The score by the end of the first half sat at 4-1 to the Jaspers.

As the game progressed, we all continued to put pressure on the opposition, as they struggled to break through our press formation. We persevered to get outcomes in the D and as a team, we continued to demonstrate our improvement with converting these chances to goals. With minutes left, we were awarded a short corner and we scored our final goal, shortly followed by the whistle signalling the end of play.

The sun was now shining and it’s safe to say that smiles were beaming across the whole Bristol & West Jasper 2s team, with another win under our belt. The final score was 6-1.

Goals: Tabby (x5) and Natalie

Assists: Elsie, Smurf, Phoebe, Ella and Karen (x2)

POTM: Tabby Moreton (closing in on top-spot of the Fantasy Hockey player standings!)

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