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men's 2nd team



 Josh De Witt

This is the second season I have had the privilege of being captain of the Bristol and West 2s. In my first year, we showed promising signs of being the ruthless, free flowing and successful team we desire to be. We finished 4th in West Division 2, and I think that is fair reflection of our performance, but not the potential of this group. This year we are setting out to go even further, and show everyone what we’re really capable of achieving. 

The 2s form part of a very competitive performance squad. There’s no easy route into the 2nd team, and work ethic and commitment are fundamental requirements of being a squad member.

As a group of people we are welcoming and sociable group, who socialise off the pitch, and outside of the club house. We support each other and know there is always a supportive hand on a shoulder, whenever it is needed.

I’m equally proud that we have offered numerous players a platform to perform and go on to play in our 1st team. They achieved promotion into the Premiership last season, and there was a significant representation of former 2s players who helped them achieve that success.

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