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2s Bounce Back with UWE Draw

11th November 2023

Bristol & West 2 [2-2] UWE

Report by: Gaz Isles

It was another beautiful sunny morning as I set off for the mighty mango ready to put last week's hiccup out our minds and take on the UWE. With a decent warm up we were ready to go.. to make it a bit more challenging for us, I thought I'd test Bruce Wayne's Batman's skills in goal with a clinical Gary Lineker-esque touch in front of our goal - 1 nil to UWE. It wasn't long though before we were back in the game after winning us a short corner. Luckily we turned up early training Tuesday to practice our routines only to be missing half the people on the day! But up steps Ollie Johnson to send a lovely flick to the left which thankfully a UWE defender sends back in towards the goal for a tidy finish. 1-1 - Half time.

The Mighty West start the 2nd half strong and looking to push on after half time but the pesky students were having none of it.. as Taylor swift once said: "you need to calm down"!! But no ... birthday boy Barrett takes out Bruce Wayne after an initial save to then step up to save a shot on the line with his body, dodgy Dave V knew what he had to do.. he quizzed the mighty wise old Colsey but even he couldn't see a way out of it.. sadly a p-flick was due. With more flapping than our new salmon Fish signing on the pitch, big Bruce could could not keep it out. 2-1 to the students.

P-flick awarded against birthday boy Barrett. Was it going in ..... ?

The game was now getting stretched and we pushed up their end to win a penalty stroke of our own. Ollie Johnson steps up and slots it away, 2-2 all in the balance! Right at the death we win a short corner, everyone's up ... is this our moment? Ahhh no, sadly not! We fluff it up! We go again next week, off to top of the table ... what could possibly go wrong🙈? Joe John won man of the match by eating a cake 🎂 😘

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