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2s Bring Home Point From Whitchurch

5th March 2022

Whitcurch 2 (1-1) Bristol & West 2

Report by Dave Vernon

The drama started early this week, with skipper Si “testing positive” for Covid at short notice, forcing 2022 candidate, Josh De Skip, to get an early taste of captaincy 😉. It might have been easier if Si had let us know when he originally booked the flights to Barbados…

The boys in orange were buoyant as they reached Whitchurch. After a loss in the reverse leg before Christmas, they were ready to leave it all on the field in the pursuit of 3 points. The new boss’ speech was rousing, and at the whistle the air was electric.

The pitch was bouncy and the game started scrappily, with both teams struggling to find their flow. Bristol pushed on, finding rooms behind the oppo’s defence but struggling to make chances or short corners pay. One goal was disallowed after Alex Law decided he needed a practice swing from two feet out, and another went begging as the keeper and the post left Joe John and Tom Varney speechless.

Through it all the orange lads were solid at the back, with De Skip and Rob “Two-Bags” Hazelwood shutting down countless aerials and treacherous, bouncing passes. Finally, late in the half, Tom Varney beautifully deflected a Joe John cross and not even the post could keep him out. 1-0 the Orange at half time.

The start of the second half started scrappily again, but this time Whitchurch found themselves on top and pressing hard. The boys in orange rode it out and the game felt like it was there for the taking, only for Whitchurch to find an opening, driving over the half-way line into a 2-v-1 with Robbie Two-Bags. Keeper Duncs decided to take matters into his own hands, clattering their striker before he could get a shot away. The P-flick was converted. 1-1.

After the goal Bristol and West found more life in their aching bones, and pushed again. There were plenty of short corners, chances for Alex, Varney and Joe “Swinger” John, but nothing to change the scoresheet.

1-1 at the final whistle – a good fight and a fair result.

MoM – Josh De Skip for stepping up to the plate.

DoD – Dave Vernon for chivalrously lending his playing shirt to one of the ladies in an earlier game.

Goals - Tom Varney-Wiseman

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