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4 games, 4 wins...

By John "Jimmy" Wilson

After the long journey over to Badminton School, with unfortunately no opportunity to stop off for the Burger King that had served the team so well in previous matches, we arrived to face a Clifton Robinson’s side that hadn’t had much luck so far this season.

The game started well with an aerial straight from our push back being taken down by one of the Seager twins (it was quite a long way away from me so I couldn’t tell which one) and converted into a short corner. However, that was where the good start stalled and we missed the first of our 11 short corners for the game - on the plus side, we at least got lots of practice of getting back from those to defend quickly!

As a couple of potentially linked facts, I got back from Nevada the day before so was feeling the jet lag, and my memory of the rest of the game is a bit hazy. Although one thing that I have been reminded of was a pass, which some may call questionable, by me straight to their centre forward, for which I was awarded DoD.

However, I do remember us scoring more goals than them, with two coming in the last 10 minutes when Robbies had stepped up looking for the winner themselves. This memory was confirmed to be correct when I realised we had indeed won 4-2.

Top performer for the day was Reef French, with a goal and an assist in which he held off tackles from a number of players in the middle of the pitch all the way to the attacking left corner before finding the unmarked Tom "Tugs" Bryant for a tap in. A fantastic effort.

MoM - Reef French

DoD - John "Jimmy" Wilson

Scorers - Tugs Bryant, Jimmer Ledge, Reef French, H(arry Bryant)

Cards - H (G), Tom "Handles" Seager (G)

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