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4th Consecutive Win for B&WJ 1s

Bristol & West Jaspers [7-0] Blockley

Report by Mim Smith

WASPS grab 3 points making top of the league within reaching distance.

The women's 1s went into this game on a 3 game winning streak but with an awareness that there was no space for complacency. A pre-game talk by Winge saw us getting our heads in the game prepared to get some goals and keep our concentration. Some beady eyed investigations uncovered our opposition were playing with 10 and so we started with a quick tempo to test out what impact having an extra player outfield could afford us.

Mere minutes into the game, the opposition keeper was being tested and pulled. Skilful work from the forwards, mids and switching from the backs saw 3 goals in quick succession. After a good start, WASPS remained dominant, with little breaking into our defending half. That said, despite chances nothing else hit the backboard in that half.

Half time came, giving opportunities for B&W to regroup. Game plan in mind, the team stepped out with confidence. This half saw the ladies start to shift the ball with ease and skill from left to right: opening space and opportunities. And so, the goals continued! From little dinks over the line to strikes from the top of the D, the attacking plays seemed to come thick and fast. Despite the opposition keeping a cool head with some big hits through, a further 4 goals made it making it a total of 7-0 at full time whistle. This game was a special one for many reasons: the number of supporters turning out; the hope for closing the top of table gap and most importantly the birthday of our amazing keeper, Laura.

Goals: Mim (3), Claire Dibble (2), Sarah (1), Izzy (1)

Player of the match: Mim & Alana

Defensive performance: Crabbie

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