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B&W Men's 2s go marching on

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Third game in and the 2's remain unbeaten still. This week we travelled to Gloucester to show Lansdown we perform just as well when not at Fortress Ridings.

Cracking start as within 7 minutes we were 3-0 up. Josh Tester with an open side reverse, Tom Varney forever being on a post, sloted another and Dan Lusmore, so adamant to not let anyone come close to his goal count, almost took the goal keepers head off from 4 yards. Lansdown were now on the back foot.

First substitution made saw Sam Doe make his debut for the 2's this season in league games...but this was short lived as 5 minutes later a quick stick to the knee took him straight back off. Doey claimed it was a 'tactical' decision as after this the team whipped in another 4 goals before the end of the first half, but not before Bristol & West had a funny 2 minutes and let Lansdown break away to ruin their clean sheet. Some people claiming it was Ross Osborne's fault with a sub into midfield when the Mighty 2s were on the defensive. 7-1 when the whistle is blown.

Half time and Si Barrett keeps the team in line with a 'positivity' chat. Not that they needed it as spirits couldn't be knocked at this point.

Second half now and Tom Varney and Dan Lusmore keep the pressure on by finishing with 10 goals between them. Patch Tse was also around the oppositions D a few times, screaming so loud for the ball we thought he'd scored. Even Si 'Furio' Florio topping up his goal count again with 1 more this game. 12-0 and final flick of the game comes down to Dan Lusmore not knowing his left & right, or top & bottom. Reckon the keeper heard him call bottom right as we all did when he slotted it top left. Final result 13-1.

MOM - Platty for realising he's a defender not a striker.

DOD - Ross Osborne for various reasons other than to wind him up.

Written by: Sam Doe

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