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B&WJ 1 Battle to Third Win

'Hunt & Retreat'

Report by Claudia Dark

15th October 2022

Bristol & West Jaspers [2-1] Firebrands 3

Following last weeks victory, the Wasps are proving themselves to be an unstoppable swarm with another great win under their belts.

All warmed up and buzzing to go, the dream team started the first half of the game strong, putting pressure on the opposition despite the heavy call of the opposition’s coach shouting “HUNT, HUNT”. This only fuelled our hunger for victory. We worked hard and made use of our previous training session, beautifully showcasing our practiced ‘w’ press.

It’s still the first half and a well deserved short corner comes our way….The ball gets sent out to the right, then strongly slapped towards the P spot where it is gracefully relayed into the awaiting goal. The crowd roars..tears of pride dripping from our supporters eyes. This boosts our confidence to continue the first half.

The opposition then win a short corner and manage to score, bringing our scores level for the half time.

We gather and team talk, hydrating ourselves and fuelling up on some glorious fizzy peach rings. Sarah gives a motivating team talk and we head out into the second half with our heads held high.

We play the ball around nicely, showing some great skills and keeping up the tempo, which leads to our second successful short corner coming from a slap from the top of the D. 2-1!

We keep our composure allowing us to keep majority possession until the end of the game, securing our win against another strong opposition.


Player of the Match: Claudia Dark (2x goals)

Assists: Dibbs and Sarah

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