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B&WJ Close the Gap on League Leaders

20th November 2021

Old Bristolians 1 [0-1] Bristol & West Jaspers 1

Report by Laura Grand

Saturday saw the B&WJ1s travel to Failand to play an unbeaten Old Bristolians 1s.

There was a nervous energy in the changing room as captain Sarah talked tactics and went through the team. After the long walk to the pitch, final pre-match preparations were made and the game was underway.

Old Bs started strong, putting the B&WJ defence under some early pressure. A few forays into the D meant a few early saves for Laura in goal. It wasn’t long until B&WJ found their attacking feet and started pushing up the pitch, starting to assert some attacking pressure of their own.

Old Bs’ defence stayed strong, with a couple of decent saves from their keeper and clearances from their defence keeping the BAWJ’s attackers at bay.

The attacking pressure was soon rewarded with the award of a short corner for all their efforts. Old Bs’ defence were determined not to let anything in, giving away short corner after short corner in their efforts to clear their lines. But the pressure finally paid off when Mim converted a well worked short corner from the left (assisted by Emily), Old Bs 0, B&WJ 1!!!

After a fairly evenly matched first half, which ended with Mich getting a ball straight to the knee, the B&WJ girls went into their half time team talk feeling positive.

The second half was a story of pure grit and determination. Old Bs came out all guns blazing, throwing everything they had and more at the B&WJ defence. The new centre back duo of Tilly and Crabbie held strong, protecting the top of the D like their lives depended on it.

The inevitable happened and Old Bs had their stint of short corner pressure, getting re-award after re-award...

After multiple short corner saves, Old Bs changed tactic, and tried for a deflection just inside the B&WJ left post. Putting her body on the line, Meg guarding the left post saw the ball bounce off her stick and into her body. Cue some confusion from the umpires and multiple complaints from the opposition and finally a decision was made. Penalty flick……

The teams dispersed, and Laura took her position on the goal line. The attacker looked nervous as she stepped up to take the flick. The umpires asked if both players were ready…….. the attacker flicks the ball to Laura’s right, but channelling her inner Maddie Hinch, Laura gets her right leg to it and the ball goes out of play. Cue huge celebrations from the B&WJ girls who were nervously watching from halfway.

The second half continued with increasing pressure from Old Bs, hitting the post once and having even more short corners.

Shouts from the sideline told the players there were only two minutes left. Old Bs piled on the intensity but the B&WJ girls managed to hold their nerve, securing a fantastic 1-0 win against top of the league.

This win now puts B&WJ 1s on the same points as Old Bs, with just goal difference separating them at the top of the table.

Man of the match goes to Laura for her multiple saves in the game and of course saving the flick. Defensive bonus point for Tilly for her solid tacking and keeping calm at the back.

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