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Bonus Ball Lottery


This is a great way to raise funds for the club and, hopefully, line some people's pockets. The draw takes place every Saturday on the main lottery draw for numbers between 1 to 59. Half of the money collected for that week will go to winning number and half to the club.

So if all the numbers are sold the weekly prize will be £30.

We are asking for people to commit to having the same number bonus ball from 7th

Sep to 22nd Dec, namely 16 weeks costing £16.

Please transfer your money to the following account: Leanne Siddell  :  11-04-30  :   00623507 We are using this as fundraising account to make it easier to track transactions. Please put your bonus ball number and your name as reference in the payment. 

The aim is for the men to fill one sheet and the women another. Competition on to see who fills their sheet up first! Please note your number is not secure until payment is in the account and any winning numbers without payment result in the winnings going to the club. Where possible we want to avoid taking cash payments for this, however we will be selling off any spare numbers on a weekly basis at games.

If you would like to grab a number now please message Sid on 07735 582226 and transfer your payment to secure your number. Social committee members will have live access to the spreadsheets so will be able to see what numbers are still available and update the sheet if you would like a number.

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