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Bouncy Bouncy

After driving for 90 mins to get to the ground, arriving really early, we all decided to go Into the changing room and start trying to do something that Patch's son Josh showed us on tiktok.... whatever that is.

This turned out to be an amazing help as the pitch we were on was bouncy and water based.

We started the game in true 2s fashion, Joe John driving the ball down the right wing, using all the patience he had, turning, driving the baseline and slipping it to Josh 'hattrick' Tester who slammed it through the keepers legs with a first time slap.

They scored a short corner from a straight strike which RJ was very unlucky to miss. That was the end of the half at 1-1.

Going Into the second half the first piece of action we saw was green.... and then yellow... green for myself having made a tactical decision to stop them breaking through....with my feet. And to Tester for "pushung" one of the opposition. Recieveing a yellow he took his 5 and came back with a vengeance.

We broke them down again, Lusmore went one-one-one with the keeper and put it wide. We won the ball back from that 16, Lusmore tickled it over to Tester who absolutely rifles one past everyone and into the back side net. To finish his hatrick, Tester then had another ball played across by Phil "up the browner" Brown and slapped this one first time as well.

The best moment of the game was still to come, Joe John rounding the keeper, was wiped out and awarded a penalty flick. Whilst Joe was stepping up Tom Varney requested to take it instead... Joe graciously allowed it. Tom scored the penalty flick with an "absolute rocket" by sending the keeper the wrong way and "slamming" it into the bottom left corner. Some spectators believed they could have walked over to the goal, had a cup of tea, and still got to the ball in time to stop it going in, but it's all a matter of perspective. Varney was jubilant.

We let our foot off the gas a little bit allowing them to score 2 more goals in the dying embers of the game, but held on to complete the away win. Final score was 4-3 to us.

Motm: RJ for fantastic saves Dotd: Little Ross

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