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A Bridgend Ballad

29th January 2022

Bridgend 1 [1-4] Bristol & West 2

Report by Joe John

Saturday morning, another Welsh team away,

A physical encounter against Bridgend to play.

Arthur was late - he needed the loo,

Which ensured we got stuck on the M32.

But finally we made it across the Severn,

when Storm Malik descended down from heaven.

With the pitch exposed to wind and rain,

A strong start was needed to boost our campaign.

Early, Mackay drove down to the baseline,

your writer saw an opportunity to shine.

The keeper came out, the shot squeezed through:

a one - nil lead to B&W Two.

But the early lead didn't last for long,

the only moment in the match when it went a bit wrong.

Duncan came out, and we watched the ball rise

over his pads, Bridgend equalise.

Our Brummy received the first card of the day.

The umpire blew and he had words to say.

Just like Bruce Banner on the big screen,

Mackay couldn't help himself seeing green.

The next stoppage came courtesy of De Witt.

The umpires didn't like one part of his kit.

It triggered an early substitution cycle,

"You can't play hockey dressed as George Michael"

Faith was restored in our centre back,

"Careless" the whisper from teammates in attack.

Focus turned from earrings back to sport.

Our forwards waiting for the now delayed short.

A Lusmore drag, to Varney, straining,

The team held it's breath - "do the 3s go to training?"

But as he had done the week before,

a textbook deflection saw the little man score

In the second half we came out firing.

Waves of attack as their defence was tiring.

A breakthrough from Todd to make it three,

and a couple more cards for Lusmore and me

We killed off the game with 10 minutes on the clock,

a shot stopped on the line by the defender's ...... groin

A P-flick awarded, up stepped Lusmore.

A low flick to the left, to make it four.

The goals came from our forward quad:

Joe, Varney, Dan Lusmore and Todd.

M.O.M Todd: for his speed, skill and power,

(it's just a shame he didn't shower).

"But what about your mishaps on the day?,

That time on a green, when you kicked it away?"

Well, remember I have the final say.

The facts of the match are mine to convey,

So next time before you give me the award,

Don't forget that the pen is mightier than the sword 😉

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