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Bristol & West 2s 12-0 Cardiff & Met C

Bristol and West 2s blitz Cardiff Met in a sensational start to the season.

Bristol and West 2nd XI started off the new season in style this week with a 12-0 victory, leaving Cardiff Met stunned. Despite the dreary weather, from the first few minutes of the game B&W clearly showed the pace they wanted this game to take. A few chances were missed in the opening 15 minutes, but many more were to come. The first half took place firmly in Cardiff Met's half, the continued pressure proved too much for them with Dan Lusmore walking away with a hat trick by half time putting B&W comfortably ahead at 3-0.

Cardiff Met hoped to rally at half-time, but the B&W offensive hadn’t lost any of the tempo from the first half, with the legs in midfield working hard to track back any loss of possession to continue pushing Cardiff Met back in their own half.

After a well placed shot from the captain Simon Barrett followed by a celebration we can only describe as the ‘fly-by’, Wing Commander Barret's newly enthused squadron set to blitzing the now tired Cardiff Met with a further 8 goals in the remainder of the second half, with the sun breaking through the clouds as if to applaud the display. The goals were mixed, with some great straight hits, back-post tap-ins and a flurry of drag-flicks from Dan Lusmore on short corners further adding to the tally. Cardiff Met managed a last-ditch break through the steadfast B&W defense, taking a deflected shot on goal, saved by the keeper but it won them their first short-corner of the game. B&W rallied to defend the set-piece and keep a clean sheet.

Final score 12-0 to B&W, a start to the season cut straight from their captain’s dreams.

Man of the Match: Dan "Magnificent Seven" Lusmore

Written by D.O.D: Rich "Thought it was a Friendly" Johnson

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Joe John
Joe John
Oct 03, 2019

Great match report RJ, but I think that Dan's pass (!!) followed by Josh's spectacular diving open-goal miss deserve a mention in the comments for posterity!

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