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Bristol & West Jaspers (2s) 2-3 Bristol Uni (3s)

There was no let-up for our Bristol & West Jaspers 2s team as they faced a Bristol Uni side boasting a perfect record going into gameweek 4. A late push back only served to elevate the nerves but the ladies stepped up to the occasion, pushing the predictably well-drilled students to the final whistle.

Despite our ladies enjoying much of the early possession, it was the University team who took the lead. Our 2s pushed back with a penalty corner from the training ground. A right slip to Izzy Hancock whose smart finish found the bottom corner beyond the keeper's reach.

The second half continued in a tense fashion with good spells of play from both teams in a well fought contest. Bristol Uni again took the lead before the goal of the match and season so far: a beautifully worked passing move between Carly and Izzy before a smart back-post finish by Meg.

At 2-2 it looked like BWJ were going to come away with a hard earned point but unfortunately it wasn't to be. As Bristol Uni cycled through their squad of 15, we once again fell victim to our opposition scoring late to win by a single goal.

Despite the result, the match felt like a turning point for the newly formed 2s team who are gaining in confidence week by week. The performance left a team captain bursting with pride at the final whistle with one unnamed spectator heard commenting "it was like watching the 1s" 😜.

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