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Bristol & West Jaspers Draw to Retain 2nd Spot

5th November 2022

Bristol & West Jaspers [1-1] Gloucester City 3

Report by Hannah Bryant

As Jaspers walked out onto the pitch at Mangotsfield, they knew it was going to be an agricultural game vs Glos City 3, it always is!

Glos came out of the blocks strong, dominating the first 20 mins. Jaspers were on the back foot, unable to string many passes together with nothing but black and white every time they looked up. Totally against the run of play, Jaspers managed some lovely one touch like hockey to get in the D and win a short corner. With quick decision making from the top, the ball was slipped right and struck towards the back post, resulting in a GOAL from Charlotte 💪🏻 1-0 to the home side.

Glos were not happy and came back at Jaspers, winning a short corner just before half time. It went straight to the left slip with a direct hit to the near post, taking an unlucky deflection, beating Laura, and unfortunately into the back of the Jaspers net….1-1.

Talks at half time from Joe discussed stepping in front, keeping possession, having patience and to keep driving into the D for outcomes. Jaspers came out like a new side, really working on what was said at half time and playing beautiful quick hockey. The Jaspers defence worked hard, switching the play and working well with the midfield, but there was no way through the Glos centre backs for the Jaspers front line. Short corner after short corner just didn’t come off and time was running out. It just wasn’t Jaspers’ day….

The game was feisty and heating up more and more as the clock ran down. A bit of 'argy bargy', two green cards (one a piece), and some base line driving got Jaspers a short corner right on the full time whistle. The pressure was on at 1-1, calls of ‘don’t let it out the D’ echoed Mangotsfield as the Jaspers team all surrounded the circle. However the pressure was too much, the injection went wayward and the game was over. A point was better than none against a physical Glos side.

Shout out to Ellie for a bit of vodka berry sponge cake in the clubhouse afterwards!

GOTM - Hannah

Goal scorer - Charlotte

Assist - Daisy (Anna)

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