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BWJ (2s) 0-2 Wick

Written by: Elise Fisher

After a fantastic turnout to training last week, a newly compiled warm-up playlist, three subs and No. 1 supporter Kat returning to cheer us on, the 2s were ready to take on Wick. Despite the rain holding off, yesterday's match proved to be another unlucky game for us, with Wick winning 2-0. In spite of the final score, our play continued to show promise and a win is not far away. Our defensive line put up a solid fight, with our defenders tirelessly battling against Wick’s pressure. It was great to have Kerry Jeffery back in her pads, with her quintessential sliding saves defeating Wick’s attempts at goal and earning her player of the match. We just need to find a way of getting the ball up into the attacking half and the wins will come flooding in.

Let’s keep up the positive play girls, we certainly took Wick by surprise during parts of the game. If we maintain the fire and determination we've shown, our first victory is imminent so let’s keep our heads up - there is still plenty of time to get some points before the Christmas break.

Player of the Match: Kerry Jeffery

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