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Cards Aplenty as B&W1 Hold on for Victory

5th November 2022

Old Bristolians [1-2] Bristol & West

Report by Harry Bryant

The 1s take on OBs in a fearsome local derby. We made our way down the long muddy path next to the pitch only to find we’d have about 8 minutes to warm up before heading into battle.

Tom Bryant puts the Mighty Orange ahead with a drag flick straight through the keepers legs - shortly before, he was sent off with a green card after running half the pitch to chase after the youngster that had rinsed him silly; only to commit what can only be described as a revenge killing on the poor lad.

OBs replied soon after. With Darren Ashley finding himself in a generous mood, he decides to gently cushion the ball directly back to the forward with his pads - The OBs forward slammed the gifted opportunity back Darren’s way - Oli Nevin actually said that he saw Daz close his eyes at that point. A few moment later, H slotted home a drag flick into the bottom right to put B&W back in front. Half Time - and it's a very close affair.

For much of the second half, B&W were playing without the full 11 on the pitch thanks to Jonathan Wilson and Jonny Hall who gave up playing Hockey and decided to dabble in Handball and Football respectively - 10 minute yellows each! Hanging on by the skin of our teeth, we approached the last 10 minutes with caution, composure and focus… apart from Darren, who decided to clatter into the first person that dare enter within a 10m radius of him, regardless of whether or not they were in possession of the ball. The way this young kid spun through the air, I’m surprised he didn’t need spinal correction surgery afterwards - said onlooker Dan Ott. But thanks to Daz, we’d just conceded a P Flick and another 10 minute yellow. “Not anooother one!” the fans grown in agony. After minutes of pleading with the umpire, the decision remained.

Nothing was left to do apart from take a deep breathe and acknowledge the fact we’d just thrown 3pts down the drain. The question quickly changed to can we hold onto 1pt.

Greg had other ideas though, he donned a face mask and took up position on the goal line (Previously you could have a Player with GK Privileges who could wear a helmet, pads and use their body to stop the ball, this was no longer in the rules). A hush falls over the whole of Failand, the gusty wind blows spray of rain across the pitch, the travelling fans cross their fingers and toes, the whistle blows - Despite the odds quite clearly not being in our favour here, it seems the nerves of such an ‘easy’ goal opportunity got the better of the OBs forward. Greg offset himself and opened up one side of the goal, but the forward duffed his shot and also chose to aim sraight at Greg! After finishing off his cuppa, Greg swooped down to the floor and sweept the ball wide goal - SAAAAVE! The crowd roars. OBs quite literally fall to the ground in disbelief.

The Heroics that were just witnessed instantly galvanised the boys into hanging on to all 3pts. Time wasting tactics (if you can call them that) began by Ed Ledger which only resulted in the umpire reversing a sideline ball decision against him, which put us under more unwanted pressure. Amidst all of the chaos, Daz was dressing Tugs into half the keeper kit - I guess in the hope that he would actually be able prevent any sort of feeble attempt at our goal, another poor decision from Daz there! The boys were able to go and win 2 short corners up the other end which allowed us to take the sting out the game even further. With Tugs now taking up amble space between the stick for the remaining 4 minutes it was up to everyone to simply stop anything going towards goal.

Tackles were flying in, bodies were put on the line, but in the end, the Mighty Orange Army’s defence held strong. The whistle blew and neither team could quite believe where the 3pts were heading. After the dramatic events that unfolded in front of the eyes that were there, it’s been decided by the group that, henceforth, if Greg is ever to be called into action or off the Subs bench, it is compulsory for the team and all fans on the sideline to chant ‘BRING ON THE WAAALL!’

Greg with MVP, Defensive Bonus, Hero Bonus (for helping to save the team points) and 10pts extra (Awarded to a keeper for a penalty flick save)

Goals: Harry Bryant, Tom Bryant

No prize for guessing DoD!

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