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Cheltenham B 3 v 4 B&W B, 12th Oct 2019

Last year we were blown away 4-0 but today with our team of fledglings it was a different story. Fielding a team with no less than five 16-and-unders, the first half saw a dominant performance as Cheltenham failed to come to grips with the skill, movement and tenacity of our five forwards. The opener came from a short when Blacky followed in the rebound from the initial shot. Cheltenham equalised with a soft bump ball shot from a short of their own. Our second saw a lovely string of passes from Reef to Hobbes to Kian, finished by Curtis. The third came when Kian cruised in from the right and slotted the ball past the advancing keeper. We endured a bit of pressure at the end of the half which we responded to with a formation change in the second half. We started with more width and created chance after chance, which their keeper was up to, but Reef finally claimed the fourth with a neat reverse under the keeper’s body. What should have been a comfortable win then turned a bit hairy as Cheltenham clawed back two goals and Duncan made some miraculous saves of his own. Several excellent performances, including Reef and Colm with their debuts this year, but Man of the Match for a solid performance in midfield was Blacky.

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