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Close Contest Ends Defeat For B&W2s In Cardiff

Cardiff & Met 3 [2-1] Bristol & West 2

Report by Duncan Elliott

The sun was shining on the morning Saturday the 22nd As the mighty 2’s set off to South Wales for our first post-Christmas away day.

As the traffic slowed on the M4, the sun faded leaving the team under a blanket of grey. Perhaps it was an omen of things to come on this 13th match of the season.

Once the final car arrived, our illustrious captain prepared the team with a rousing speech reminiscent of Henry the fifth at the Battle of Agincourt.

We were in the zone, and after a solid warm up the match commenced. We started well, keeping the ball and looking for opportunities to get in their D, but with the opposition pulling all their players back it was very congested and we struggle to get make it through. With our team pressing high, we left ourselves exposed at the back and an unfortunate error gave them a short opportunity that they were able to convert.

Pressing high, we were caught again on the break, leading to a second goal from a 3 on 1 with the keeper. Twice more they broke through our exposed back line, but now to no avail. Our keeper was onto them breaking their resolve.

With 10 seconds left in the half we performed a perfectly executed short which was deflected into the roof of the net in-front of a bewildered keeper.

Half time arrived and the new tactics were issued. A refocused team went in the attack and totally dominated the game from the restart. Time and time again we found openings, but fortune was not on our side and the ball just wouldn’t go in.

Their keeper had to work had to get them out of trouble, but too soon the whistle blew and our valiant team return home defeated but not definitely not broken.

A win was just out of reach on this occasion, but the team has an immediate opportunity to put it right with another trip over the Severn to Bridgend next week.

Goal: Tom Varney-Wiseman

Man of the match: Will Madge

DOD: Duncan Elliot for censored content, not deemed suitable for public disclosure

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