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Comeback Point for B&W 2

28th January 2023

Bristol UWE 1 [3-3] Bristol & West 2

Report by Dan Lusmore

An earlier start than normal saw Bristol and west arriving at the university pitch for 10am. After a meeting in the changing rooms and the classic De Witt speech of encouragement, we made our way to the pitch.

A strong warm up on a pitch which seemed slightly bouncier than normal, led us to the starting whistle. There isn’t much to say about the first half as it finished 0-0 with very little shots on goal from both sides.

After a half time talk of staying composed and being strong on the ball, Uwe scored within 35 seconds of the second half starting. Followed up by a long Ariel from the Uwe Barbados international, Bristol were now 2-0. We held this score line for a little while until another aerial led to a short corner from which UWE made it 3-0 with only 15 mins to go.

Bristol had to do something to bring the game back into our hands, and we did. A quick reaction from Charlie Grant after a duffed short corner, a quick pass back to Luz bringing the score to 3-1. Another Charlie Grant run across the left baseline and a flick at goal meant Tom Fearber could jump on the ball and bring the score to 3-2 with 8 mins left to play.

With 5 mins in the clock Bristol and west won a short corner. A pre planned routine between Luz and Max, meant the chance of a 3-3 draw drew closer. The injection fell to Si B, Luz slipped to max to the right, Max back to Luz on p-spot. A beautiful “flick” into the goal means final score 3-3.

Man of the match. Tom Faerber

DOD - Luz forgot his socks.

Defender bonus: Nevs

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