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Covid Guidance - July 2021

Following the move to Step 4 of the Government's Road Map, the guidance issued by England Hockey has now been updated. It's well worth a read and we'd invite all members to take the time to read and understand this.

However, the following is a brief summary of the main points to cover.

What are the requirements for players attending matches or training sessions?

  1. You must self-assess for Covid 19 symptoms before attending any and all sessions. If you have any symptoms, or live with anyone showing symptoms, you must not attend.

  2. Adhere to NHS Track and Trace requirements

  3. Where you have had symptoms, please complete a lateral flow or PCR test. If this is negative, contact your captain (for matches) or coach (for training) to confirm the test was negative.

  4. Bring your own refreshments and safety equipment (e.g. face masks, shinpads, etc.) to minimise risk of transmission.

  5. We still advise face coverings to be used for any internal spaces, or prolonged close contact. You must adhere to the rules of any venue's rules when attending post training or games.

What do I do if I develop symptoms or have a positive Covid test?

Participants should follow England Hockey's Flow Chart for a confirmed or suspected case. This has been updated for the latest guidance.

The important matters are:

  1. If symptomatic, contact the Club's Covid Officer - Daniel Ott, 07985 632347 / Self-isolation whilst you wait for any result is necessary.

  2. Please obtain a test and inform the Covid officer of the result.

  3. A negative test result means you will be allowed to return to hockey activities and may end self-isolation.

  4. Where the test is positive, self isolate in align with Government guidance and contact NHS Track & Trace.

  5. You will be asked by the Covid Officer what hockey activities you took part in during the previous 7 days, or days prior to becoming symptomatic, so other members of the club may be informed.

Please note, we will not reveal the name of any person with a positive test (due to GDPR) without consent, but would ask where there is a suspicion or positive test, that the individual consider contacting their captain and teammates themselves.

We want to do everything possible to minimise our members' risks.

Do we still have to submit registers for hockey activities?

Yes. These will no longer be submitted to England Hockey, but in order to allow us to contact our own members (and opposition teams/umpires) quickly, we will be taking continuing to take registers so we may contact individuals and let them know of any potential exposure.

Are spectators now permitted? May changing rooms be used? Can we car share?

With the end to social distancing, England Hockey does permit all of the above. However, once again, certain matters will be up to the venue's to decide on their own policy and we must act accordingly.

For car sharing we would advise for the same individuals to share regularly where possible to avoid wide-spread transmission.

In any event we would ask that individuals do their best to mitigate the risk by avoiding groups that are too large for extended periods.

Do I need to complete an England Hockey Participation Agreement for next year?

No. This will no longer be a requirement - and England Hockey have confirmed that after 12 months of the agreement being signed, they will remove the information from their systems, for GDPR consistency.

You will need to complete a membership form, if you have not done so in previously. If you completed one last year - you DO NOT need to do so again this year. However, please update us with new contact details, as necessary.

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