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Crucial Win for B&W4

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

11th February 2023

Bristol & West 4 [3-2] Mendip 2

Report by Kevin White

Being bottom of our table, this was a MUST WIN for the 4s.

A hardy squad was deployed for todays game against a strong Mendip side. The first half was about as standard as you could expect, a few missed chances from us and Mendip scoring 2 very average goals despite us having control for the majority of the half.

We entered the second half with all the optimism and enthusiasm of a Primary school trip high on E numbers and fizzy pop, with all of us giving 110% (some of us maybe gave ‘too’ much *cough*) and in classic B&W fashion we left it till the last 15 mins to smash 2 very well executed and deserved goals passed Mendip who were certain that time wasting and keeping the ball were the way to seal their mediocre victory.

With 2 minutes to go and still 2 goals a piece, up steps Mystic Meg himself (Ed Wood) having had visions of being tackled by a giant man in padding, to scramble us up one last glimpse of victory with a P Flick at the death.

The keeper being sent off with a yellow card, Mendip decide once again to time waste their way into a draw by replacing their keeper with an outfield player to attempt the save. But he was no match for Sam Doe who scored like he was sent by god himself to put us ahead and into the lead 3-2!! Overall a game for the ages!!

MOM - Doey Defending excellence - Harrison Goals by - Doey 1, Leo 1 and JDW 1.

Unofficial DOD - Yours truly (Green card)

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