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Difficult first outing for B&W Jaspers 2s

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

First game of the season - we went out hard as a team looking for a win against a Redland side we had confidently beaten in pre-season. But in torrential conditions at Frenchay Campus both sides struggled to find their rhythm as B&WJ 2s adjusted to playing together with a new-look squad.

But after a focused team talk from captain Ellie, and supported by our coach, we went back out with a new frame of mind for the 2nd period. We played well as a team, looking for the back pass when a forward option wasn’t on and transitioning the ball across the pitch. We set the press up quicker, our formation stronger and we kept possession of the ball. Communication improved and we upped our tempo on the ball.

Despite this marked improvement, it was the home side who got the breakthrough, taking advantage of a rare entry to the Wasps' D. But neither the goal or the most horrendous rain dampened our spirits, every player gave 110% and kept going to the end. Well done everyone! We dominated their half for most of the game but just couldn’t quite finish it, unfortunately a 1-0 loss for us this week but we will be hungry for a win when we next play them!

Written by Player-of-the-Match: Lauren O'Kane

Video summing up the match! ☔🌧️

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