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Fancy covering your match fees this year?

Umpiring may be the way to do it...

Can I be an umpire for the club?

If you are a playing or non-playing member of the club, we would like you to be an umpire. This includes players (all ages), parents and coaches. If you are none of these but still wish to get involved, get in touch and we can tell you more.

Players as young as 11 have been qualified as umpires. Keen observers will have seen that our very own Alan Coles continues to umpire too...proving that age is just a number, and age limits not too important when you're blowing the whistle.

What are the benefits of umpiring?

Last season we paid our volunteer umpires £10 per match during the league season and this year we want to do the same. It works well for players who are playing a home fixture immediately before/after their own game to get involved.

For younger players in particular, umpiring matches provides a great insight into games by having to make decisions yourself. It's not always as obviously as you think when you're playing.

We also would look to ease players into umpiring, letting them start with games of a slower pace and give them assistance and coaching on their umpiring development. You can enjoy umpiring as well as playing after all.

What do I have to do?

1. Contact Alan Coles to let him know you want to take a course. Alan is the Club's umpiring coordinator and will be able to answer questions, if you have any. ( / 07918 196139)

2. Attend an ONLINE training course through England Hockey's website. There is a fee to be paid, but if you receive confirmation of the payment, the club will reimburse it to you. The England Hockey Link is here. Please be aware, you will need to register to gain access to the EH Umpire Hub. (top right of screen).

If you are unsure of which course is right for you, read the information first. If you are in any doubt after that, please contact Alan Coles (details above)

We would ask that if you take the course, that you ensure you try to make yourself available for a few games.

Want to ask any questions first?

We really hope that you take the chance to get involved this season. It's a great time to learn a new skill and I'm sure you're all looking for the opportunity to be out and about more.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Alan Coles ( / 07918 196139) and/or Dan Ott ( We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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