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Firebrands (C) 2-5 B&W (4s)

Written by: Matt Gimson.

The 4s played firebrands away on an overcast rainy Saturday, the game started well with early dominance from Bristol, the defence which was back to full strength diffusing all attacks from firebrands before they shot at goal in earnest.

The first Bristol goal came from a short corner where Edd Wood found Jeremy on a rebound off the keeper chipping it over the keeper with ease. The second came from an excellent long sweeping run from Ryan who consistently outpaced his opposing defender, finding Mark Lawson unmarked in the box. Mark then neatly slotted it away in the goal.

The next portion of the game is best described as firebrands arriving at the match. Unfortunately, we lost a player to the sin bin due to a yellow card and this let firebrands back into the game. They poured men forward in attack looking to exploit their advantage but excellent defending and the versatility of our forwards meant we made it to the end of the sin bin without conceding a goal. Just before the sin bin ended, we were awarded a short corner, after an excellent injection and stick stop, we then scored with a drag flick.

The remainder of the game was far more evenly matched. With Firebrands scoring 2 and Bristol scoring the same number. Both our goals came from excellent attacks down the wing with a pass to the back post. Mark Lawson did an excellent reverse stick shot for one of the goals, and the other came from when Mike Wingent dragged a defender away leaving Edd Wood unmarked on the back post for a tap in.

After a difficult start to the season, where we haven’t played at our full potential, we have showed now the attacking and defensive prowess that we know we can achieve.

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David Austin
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