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Gameweek Roundup 12th November

Bristol & West Hockey Club finished the day on Saturday taking home 50% of the points with 4 wins, 4 defeats and a draw. Highlights included a couple of convincing wins for our Men's 1s and 5s with 19 goals put passed the opposition between them. Our Women's 1st XI kept their undefeated run going with an important 1-1 draw against the league toppers to keep them in the running in a typically tight division. No such luck for our Men's 2s, who recorded their first defeat against an in-form Cardiff & Met side.

The Stats

By Harry Bryant

POTW - Ryan Johnson running riot against Westbury in a 10-1 demolition.

Honourable mentions:

Drew Dickinson - 3 Goals + Hatt bonus & 2 assists in the 5s 10-1 win.

Shaz Crossfield - MVP and saved a P Flick for B&WJ3s

Lauren Caddick - 1 Goal / MVP & a Clean Sheet for B&WJ2s who beat Lydney 2-0

Tom Bryant - 4 Goals + Hatt Bonus & 1 Assist for B&W1s in their 9-1 thumping of Royal Wootton-Bassett

Ed Ledger - 1 Goal / 2 Assists & MVP for B&W1s


Men's 1st Team

Bristol & West [9-1] Royal Wootton Bassett

After a cagey start to the game, our Men's 1st XI ran riot in the second half, slamming 9 goals in total against Wootton Bassett at home.

Convincing 9:1 win 💪

MoM: Ledgey!

DoD: Macko

Goals - Tugs x 4, Jonny x 2, Ledgey x 1, H x 1, Luke x 1


Women's 1st Team

Lansdown 2 [1-1] Bristol & West Jaspers

Before <👆 > After

Fantastic 1s performance today drawing against top of the league 1-1! Absolutely killed it and had so many awesome shots on goal 💪 rattled them so much their coach got a green card 😂

Goal: Charlotte 🥅

Assist: Claudia 🏑

PON: Meg 🤩

Votes for: Laura, Bronwen, Toni, Charlotte and Carly 🙌

Picking up some momentum now 🧡 train hard this week ready for smashing it again next weekend 💪🖤


Men's 2nd Team

Cardiff & Met 3 [3-1] Bristol & West 2

Photos by Platinum Photograhy

The 2s unbeaten run was ended on Saturday against the top team in the league. The best organised side we’ve come up against this season.

Goal: P flick Luz

MOM: Wayne

DOD: Fish - Yellow card for attempting to body a player and rolling half the pitch after failing.


Women's 2nd Team

Bristol & West Jaspers 2 [2-0] Lydney 3

2s had a tough game against Lydney on a slippery Mangotsfield morning!

We managed to fight our way to victory in the second half after approximately one hundred thousand opportunities in the D 😁

Came away with a 2-0 win and one green card Lauren O'Kane ✅✅

Goals: Phoebe & Lauren Caddick

POM: Caddick 🤠


Women's 3rd Team

Thornbury 2 [2-1] Bristol & West 3

This time last year the 3s lost to Thornbury 9-0, today we lost 2-1 💪 massive improvement! The vibe today was awesome from the whole team, and everyone was focused. Amazing penalty flick save from our Shaz too 😃 Very happy 😁

Goals: Molly 🥅

Assists: Aymie 💪

POTM: Shaz 👏

Defensive bonus: Millie 👏


Men's 4th Team

Bristol & West 4 [1-2] Clifton Robinsons 5


Women's 4th Team

Wick 3 [1-2] Bristol & West Jaspers 4

The 4s had a feisty game against Wick, but smashed it and came away with a 2-1 win! 🥳 That's two wins on the bounce for our 4s as we continue to develop.

Goals: Frankie, Ronel 🥅

Assists: Becky, Franny 💪

POTM: Ronel 👏🏅

Proud of you all 🧡


Men's 5th Team

Westbury 5 [1-10] Bristol & West 5

Men’s 5s won 1-10 against Westbury 5s

MoM: Ryan

Defender bonus: Bryce junior

DoD: Matt Bull green card shenanigans


Men's 6th Team

Old Bristolians 4 [1-0] Bristol 7 West 6

The youngsters played very well again. Leo, Sam & Barnaby were brilliant today! They got stronger and stronger as the game went on. Awesome to see some new young players coming through. Great first game for the men's side Sam - well deserved man of the match.

MoM: Sam Ovenden

Defender: Leo Margetts

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