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Gameweek Roundup - 14th October

Last weekend brought around the third week of the hockey season, the Bristol and West Hockey Club showcased their prowess and determination on the astro. A fantastic week saw us post 6 wins overall.

The Men's 1st Team secured a resounding 2-0 victory against Wotton-Under-Edge, with the Bryant brothers leading the charge as goal-scoring heroes. The Women's 1st Team faced a tough test against Clifton Robinsons, putting up a valiant fight but unable to bring home the win against skilled opponents.

The Men's 2nd Team delivered an intense match against Bridgend, resulting in a hard-fought 1-1 draw, with Josh Cooper's equalizer standing out. In the Women's 2nd Team, a dominant 3-0 victory against Redland Threes showcased their formidable attacking prowess.

The Men's 3rd Team secured a commanding 4-1 victory against OB5's, with Alex, Barnaby, and Winge shining on the field. The Women's 3rd Team celebrated a triumphant 3-0 victory against Knowle, driven by their determination in the final minutes. The Men's 4th Team received a walkover against Old Bristolians 6, while the Ladies 4th Team clinched an impressive 4-1 victory against Corsham.

The Men's 5th Team faced a closely contested match against Yate 2, ending in a 2-3 loss, while the Men's 6th Team displayed an admirable team effort despite a narrow 1-0 loss to North Somerset. Catch up on all the ins and outs of the gameweek below1


Men's 1st Team

West Men's Premier

Bristol & West 1 [2 - 0] Wotton-Under-Edge 1

Mangotsfield School

In an impressive showing, the Men's 1st Team celebrated a solid 2-0 victory against Wotton-Under-Edge. The Bryant brothers shone as the goal-scoring heroes, securing a well-earned win. The result sees them finish the week in an impressive 3rd position in West Prem.


Women's 1st Team

West Women's Division 1 North

Clifton Robinsons 3 [7 - 1] Bristol & West Jaspers 1

Bristol - Redmaids The Lawns (V)

Women's 1st team faced a tough test this weekend against an excellent Clifton Robbies side. The ladies fought hard for a well deserved goal, but the skills of the Clifton team were too strong for us on the day. A good target to close the gap before we bring them back to fortress Mangotsfield after Christmas 💪.

Goal: Becky

Players of the Match: Laura and Becky


Men's 2nd Team

West Men's Division 2 West

Bridgend 1 [1 - 1] Bristol & West 2

The Men's 2nd Team embarked on an away match against Bridgend and left with a point after a hard-fought 1-1 draw. While they maintained dominance on the field, Bridgend's signature long-ball hockey style presented a unique challenge. Josh Cooper's equaliser, assisted by Kian Goodwin, secured a valuable point for the team. Rob Hazelwood earned the coveted title of Man of the Match, while Jack Kingshott was awarded Dod for being too young to buy a post game pint.

Goal: Josh Cooper 🪿

Assist: Kian Goodwin 🏑

MOM: Rob Hazelwood 🍺👹

DOD: Jack Kingshott 👶

Cards: None 😯


Women's 2nd Team

West Women's Berkeley Division 2

Bristol & West Jaspers 2 [3 - 0] Redland 3

Mangotsfield School

The Ladies 2s were on fire, delivering a dominant performance and securing a commanding 3-0 victory against Redland Threes. Captain Ella led from the front with two goals, complemented by assists from Liv Wilford and Dibbs.


Goals: Ella x2 with some help from @Liv Wilford …. And Dibbs

Assists: Liv Wilford / Caddick and n/a


Men's 3rd Team

West Men's Bridge Division 1

Old Bristolians 5 [1 - 4] Bristol & West 3

Bristol - Gordano School (V)

The Men's 3s exhibited control throughout their match against OB5’s, culminating in a resounding 4-1 victory. Goals by Alex (x2), Barnaby, and Winge showcased their offensive prowess. Barnaby earned the well-deserved title of Man of the Match, while Patch received the Dod award, and Harrison was recognized as Defender of the Day. The team's remarkable teamwork and exceptional performance were evident throughout the match.

Goals: Alex x2; Barnaby 🚀😱; Winge

Assists: 🤷‍♂️

MoM: Barnaby

DoD: Patch

Defender of the day: Harrison


Women's 3rd Team

West Women's Brunel Division 3

Knowle 3 [0 - 3] Bristol & West Jaspers 3

Bristol - Merchants Academy Sports Centre (V)

The Ladies 3s had an exceptional game, clinching a triumphant 3-0 victory against Knowle. The match remained scoreless until the final 15 minutes, when a display of extra fitness and determination propelled them to success. Joy, Laura, and Cat emerged as the goal-scorers, with Esther (x2) and Molly providing the crucial assists. Molly's outstanding performance earned her the Player of the Match award, while Polly showcased remarkable defensive skills.

Goals: Joy, Laura, Cat

Assists: Esther (x2), Molly

POTM: Molly

Defender: Polly


Men's 4th Team

West Men's Concorde Division 2

Walkover: Old Bristolians 6 [0 - 5] Bristol & West 4


Women's 4th Team

West Women's Berkeley Division 3

Bristol & West Jaspers 4 (Dev) [4 - 1] Corsham 4 (Dev)

Mangotsfield School

The Ladies 4s delivered a remarkable performance, securing an impressive 4-1 victory against Corsham. Laura played a pivotal role, scoring two goals, while Sanjana and Joy also contributed to the team's success. Laura was celebrated as Player of the Match, and Ronel excelled as the standout defender, contributing to the team's well-deserved victory.

Goals: Laura x2, Sanjana, Joy

PoM: Laura

Defender: Ronel


Men's 5th Team

West Men's Bridge Division 2

Bristol & West 5 [2 - 3] Yate 2

Mangotsfield School


Men's 6th Team

West Men's Concorde Division 2

Bristol & West 6 [0 - 1] North Somerset 2

Mangotsfield School

In a thrilling game, the Men’s 6's took on North Somerset, displaying a fine team effort. Their performance, including some great goalkeeping by Ben Swanell, was commendable. Despite their efforts, they narrowly lost 1-0, with North Somerset scoring in the last few minutes. It was a closely contested match, and the team's determination and hard work were evident throughout.

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