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Gameweek Roundup - 18th November

As the weekend unfolded, Bristol & West hockey club once again demonstrated the combination of skill, determination and teamwork that defines our teams. From our men's first team battling against Cardiff Uni to the triumphant performances across other divisions, every match was a testament to our club's spirit and tenacity. A pretty amazing 31 goals scored and 27 conceded this weekend. Three hat-tricks, a couple of clean sheets and even a penalty shootout! Great work out there everyone.

In the Men's Premier division, the 1st Team faced a formidable challenge against Cardiff University. Despite a tough game, Charlie Williams stood out with his goal-scoring prowess, exemplifying the team's fighting spirit. The Women's 1st Team, contending with Westberries 1, continue to show resilience when results aren't going their way.

Our Men's 2nd and 3rd Teams were up against the Gwent teams, where the 2nd Team put up a staunch fight, and the 3rd Team secured a well-deserved victory, thanks to Luz's hat-trick. Meanwhile, the Women's 2nd and 3rd Teams showed their dominance, with the Jaspers 2s achieving a solid win and the Jaspers 3s recording an impressive 11-0 victory against North Somerset Gryphons 3. This remarkable win was bolstered by Hannah's hat-trick and multiple goals from Sophie and Laura.

Our Men's 4th Team stepped on the gas with a strong second-half performance leading to a decisive 7-1 victory. The team's comeback was spearheaded by Edd's hat-trick and Andy Bryce's double, showcasing their ability to rise to the occasion.

The Men's 5th and 6th Teams, although facing challenging encounters, displayed commendable effort and team spirit.

Another extended weekend saw our Mixed Team welcome Bath Uni to Mangotsfield. The cup game was a thrilling affair, with a final score of 3-3 against the team of students, decided only by penalty flicks. It was a great game with some brilliant hockey played. While we were on top for the majority of the game, an equaliser in the last minute pushed us to a penalty shootout. With their tails up, the students were more clinical and we progress into Tier 2!

Player of the Week

Hannah Biggs

Hat-trick in an 11-0 win away from home 😎 - enough said. Go on Biggsy!!

Honourable mentions: A hat-trick of hat-tricks for B&W this week, as Edd Wood and Dan Lusmore both bagged their 2nd trios of the season!


Men's 1st Team

West Men's Premier

Bristol & West 1 [1-8] Cardiff Uni


A tough day for the team who were 3-1 at half time after some quick counter attacking play saw Charlie Williams get a back post tap in. Sadly, the momentum couldn't be carried into the second half, and the team ended up well beaten.

Goal Scorer: Charlie Williams (1)

Player of the Match: Charlie Williams


Women's 1st Team

West Women's Division 1 North

Westberries 1 [5-0] Bristol & West Jaspers 1

Bristol University - Coombe Dingle (V) - Pitch 1

Women's 1s lost 5-0 against Westberries 1s. They were awarded an early P-flick for a dubious foot on the line and scored from 2 short corners making it 3-0 at half time. We created more attacking chances than previous games and tried out some new short corner routines which we're confident we'll convert next time.

Player of the Match: Jointly awarded to Mia & Ange


Men's 2nd Team

West Men's Division 2 West

Gwent 1 [2-0] Bristol & West 2

Cwmbran Stadium

M2s went 2-0 down to top of the table Gwent. 0-0 at the break, and the game pretty evenly poised ... but a 5 minute meltdown at the start of the 2nd half was too difficult to come back from. A strong performance from the B&W players, and (somehow!) still in amongst the top teams in the league. We go again!

Player of the Match: Faerber

DOD: Josh De Skip...

Karaoke from the captain! I'll save you the audio!


Women's 2nd Team

West Women's Berkeley Division 2

Bristol & West Jaspers 2 [4-0] Westberries 5

Mangotsfield School

Ladies 2s played a strong game against Westberries 5s, winning 4-0. Some cracking goals from Dibbs (2), Katie, and Lucy. Assists from Caddick (2), Karen, and Liv. Well played, gals!

Goal Scorers: Dibbs (2), Katie, Lucy

Assists: Caddick (2), Karen, Liv


Men's 3rd Team

West Men's Bridge Division 1

Bristol & West 3 [4-2] Gwent 2

Mangotsfield School

3s played Gwent. Final score 4-2. Goals from Luz (3), Alex (1). Assists from Luz, Browner (2), Alex. Motm, defender bonus and dotd unsure of.

Goal Scorers: Luz (3), Alex (1)

Assists: Luz, Browner (2), Alex


Women's 3rd Team

West Women's Brunel Division 3

North Somerset Gryphons 3 [0-11] Bristol & West Jaspers 3

Bristol - Gordano School (V)

What an incredible performance by Ladies 3s today! Starting the day in 3rd place, our mission was to close the goal difference with the teams above. We started with a fantastic first half at 4-0, even with Laura's green card. The second half was pure dominance, soaring past our target and ending with a remarkable 11-0 victory! Today's results bring us up to joint 2nd, matching the GD to first place and only one point behind in the league.

Goal Scorers: Hannah (3), Sophie (2), Laura (2), Sofia (1), Morgan (1), Franny (1), Molly (1)

Players of the Match: Sophie (Player of the Match), Holly (Defender of the Day)


Men's 4th Team

West Men's Concorde Division 2

South Gloucestershire 2 [1-7] Bristol & West 4

Bristol - Bradley Stoke School

7-1 win for the 4s. After a tough first half (2-1), excellent performance in the second.

Goals - Edd (3), A Bryce (2), Mahesh (1), Jeremy (1). Assists - Edd (2), Jeremy (1), Neil (1), Alex (1), Mahesh (1), A Bryce. PoM - Ben for a dominant midfield performance, but a few outstanding efforts, particularly second half.


Women's 4th Team (Dev)

West Women's Berkeley Division 3 (Walkover)

Bristol & West Jaspers 4 (Dev) [5-0] Yate 4 Dev

Mangotsfield School

Frustrating opposition cancellation from the Women's 4s game, but securing a victory through a walkover against Yate 4 Dev.


Men's 5th Team

West Men's Bridge Division 2

Cardiff Medics 2 [6-1] Bristol & West 5

Talybont Astro

Men’s 5s were unable to continue their winning streak and succumbed to the Cardiff Medics. We were down to a bare eleven after Rob Ledger got injured early on. A 6-1 loss could have been a lot worse without Señor Pring in net. Overall a Cardifficult morning out, but not a disaster against a team who have scored double figures against some opponents this season, and something to build on for next week vs uni of Bristol.

Goal Scorer: Chester

Player of the Match: Chester

Defender of the Day: James Baber


Men's 6th Team

West Men's Concorde Division 2

Bristol & West 6 [0-5] Westbury & United Banks 4

Mangotsfield School

M6’s lost 5-0 to Westbury. Another spirited game with effort throughout the side. We say that if you don’t make chances to score, you can’t score, and we are certainly making some chances. A bit more luck and we are due a hat full. Thanks to James Baber for stepping into goal, Joe Pring stepping into defence, and Andy McCann and Dave Vernon for umpiring.


Mixed Team

Sunday 19th

Bristol & West Mixed [3-3] Bath Uni Mixed

(Bath Uni progress on penalties)

A horribly blustery, wet and windy day to blow off the hangovers - our mixed team reassembled for the first time this season! A fantastic game of mixed hockey, battling against 16 students. Some awesome team play and a few fantastic goals, it felt like we had control of the tie when we made it 3-2 with two minutes to play.... somehow an equaliser at the death made 3-3 at full time. Momentum pulled the students through on penalty flicks but what a team to be a part of!

Goals: Leachy (2), Lus (1)

Assists: Joe John (1), Leo (1), Sarah Wingent (1)

Player of the Match: Charlotte Leach for great goals

Dick of the Day: Ben Darlow-Jones, for a delightful last-minute equaliser into his own net.

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