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Gameweek Roundup: 30th September

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Congratulations to Andy McKay on his wedding this weekend and we hope Toni Clothier had a fantastic hen do. These respective weekend celebrations did however make for a particularly challenging weekend for the club in the opening round of the 2023/24 season!!

Players stepped up across the board for the first game and earned several well deserved victories in what turned out to be a strong curtain raiser for Bristol & West. Our men's and women's 1st teams opened their seasons in new divisions having won their leagues last season, however for the first time in over 18 months, they were unable to bring home the points.

Bristol & West's Men's 2nd Team secured a 5-2 victory against Swansea, showing great teamwork and a remarkable comeback in the second half. The Women's 2nd Team faced a challenging match against Wotton but managed to secure a 3-2 win, displaying tenacity and notable performances from Ellie Stockwell and Emily Patten in defence.

Our other teams experienced mixed results, with some facing tough losses but remaining determined for future fixtures, and others, like the Women's 3rd Team, dominating with a remarkable 7-0 victory. Bristol & West's Men's 4th Team secured a convincing 3-0 win, with Andy Bryce scoring a hat-trick. Our Women's 4th Team started strongly in their friendly, beating Stroud 1-0.


Men's 1st Team

West Men's Premier

Swansea 1 [4 - 0] Bristol & West 1

King George V Playing Fields

Men’s 1s lost 4-0 to Swansea. Didn’t get out of 1st gear along with some bad luck thrown in for good measure. Already looking forward to the reverse fixture - can only get better! 🏑


Women's 1st Team

West Women's Division 1 North

Bristol & West Jaspers 1 [1 - 2] Team Bath Buccaneers 3

Mangotsfield School

The Ladies 1s from Bristol & West put up a spirited fight but fell short with a 2-1 loss to Team Bath Buccaneers 3s. They displayed resilience by winning the second half 1-0 and look forward to a rematch in the away fixture.

Goal: Claudia 🥅

Assist: Becky 🏑

Card: Bronwen 🟢

POTM: Becky 🤩


Men's 2nd Team

West Men's Division 2 West

Bristol & West 2 [5 - 2] Swansea 2

Mangotsfield School

Bristol & West's Men's 2s secured a 5-2 victory against Swansea, showcasing great teamwork and determination. They turned the tide in the second half after being level at 2-2 at halftime, with stand-in skipper Oli Nevin making crucial contributions.

Goals: Nevin x2, Josh X2, Oli J.

Assists: Matt x3, Joe, Nevin

🟩 Ben!

MOM: Nevin

DOD: Josh C

Inconclusive DOD pint-off! 😜


Women's 2nd Team

West Women's Berkeley Division 2

Wotton-Under-Edge 2 [2 - 3] Bristol & West Jaspers 2

KLB School (V), Wotton-under-Edge

Ladies 2 played a tough game against Wotton but managed to come away with a 3-2 win!!! 😁👅

In a challenging match, the Ladies 2 displayed tenacity and resilience, with notable performances from Ellie Stockwell and Emily Patten in defence.

🥅 Goals: Karen, Smurph, Rachel Hammer

🤩🤩Two POMs : Ellie Stockwell and Emily Patten both killing it in defence

🟩Green card: Karen Corrigan for starting on the umpire 👀


Men's 3rd Team

West Men's Bridge Division 1

Cardiff & Met 5 [5 - 0] Bristol & West 3

Cardiff Met Cyncoed Campus

Bristol & West's Men's 3s faced a challenging game, losing 5-0 to Cardiff & Met, playing with 10 men for the full game game! Solid effort kept the result to 5-0 with a clean sheet in the second half. Lots of new faces again in the team with a number of juniors stepping up.


Women's 3rd Team

West Women's Brunel Division 3

Bristol & West Jaspers 3 [7 - 0] Thornbury 2

Mangotsfield School

Ladies 3s from Bristol & West dominated Thornbury 2s with a remarkable 7-0 victory, displaying exceptional teamwork and scoring contributions from various players.

Goals: Molly, Sofia (x2), Franny, Esther (x2), Laura

Assists: Aymie (x3), Molly, Franny, Evie, Sofia

POTM: Emily 🙌

Defender: Polly 🤩

Quiet day and a clean sheet for Shaz "Twinkle Toes" Crossfield 💃🏻.


Men's 4th Team

West Men's Concorde Division 2

Bristol & West 4 [3 - 0] Westbury & United Banks 4

Mangotsfield School

Bristol & West's Men's 4s secured a convincing 3-0 win against Westbury, with Andy Bryce scoring a hat-trick (some say a first since 1989, others say maybe ever). The team displayed solid teamwork and strong defensive play.

Goals: Andy Bryce ×3

Assists: Matt Gimson, Mark Sullivan, Jeremy Bourke

Mom: Andy Bryce

Defender: Mike Duddridge


Women's 4th Team


Stroud [0-1] Bristol & West Jaspers 4 (Dev)

Ladies’ 4s beat Stroud 1-0! We have won our last two matches and with opposition cancelling next weeks match due to availability, already have points on the board 👍🏻💪🏻🙌🏻

Goal: Joy

Assist: Manoji

PoM: Sophie H 👏🏻👏🏻

Defender: Morgan 🏑


Men's 5th Team

West Men's Bridge Division 2

Bristol & West 5 [2 - 4] University Of Bristol 5

Mangotsfield School

Despite a valiant effort, Bristol & West's Men's 5s lost 4-2 to Bristol Uni 5s. Matt Williams stood out with two goals, highlighting the team's potential for future success.

Goals: Matt Williams x2

Assists: Baber x2

MOM Chris Goulding

DOD: Simon

Defender: Andy Jowett


Men's 6th Team

West Men's Concorde Division 2

Bye week - Bristol & West 6


U16 (Badgers)

Bristol & West Badgers [2-1] Westbury.

Great start to the Badgers league season.

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