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Gameweek Roundup - 7th October

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Gameweek 2 of the 23/24 season for Bristol & West Hockey Club! Our Men's 1st Team engaged in an intense battle in the West Men's Premier league, ending in a thrilling 2-2 draw against Bristol Firebrands 1. Chip and Max showcased their goal-scoring wizardry, while H and Chip provided the magical assists. However, the match wasn't without its drama as Disco scored a goal after the whistle had blown and picked up a yellow card, making for an eventful day on the field.

In the Women's 1st Team, competing in the West Women's Division 1 North, Bristol & West Jaspers 1 faced Bristol Firebrands 2 and came up short with a 2-0 loss at Bristol - Firebrands HC. Meanwhile, the Men's 2nd Team battled it out in the West Men's Division 2 West and triumphed with a thrilling 2-1 victory against Yate 1 at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex. Goals by Josh C and Ed, supported by assists from Will and Faerber, sealed the win.

The Women's 2nd Team, playing in the West Women's Berkeley Division 2, had a killer game against their arch-nemesis BAPS, securing a dominating 3-0 win. Ella (x2) and Hannah Biggs were the goal-scoring stars, with Elsie and Katie Howles providing the assists. Elsie's outstanding performance earned her the Player of the Match title, and the team shared their love with votes for Chloe, Rach, and Smurph.

In other matches, the Men's 3rd Team narrowly lost 1-0 to Westbury & United Banks 2, the Women's 3rd Team faced an unlucky 2-0 defeat against Lydney 3, and the Men's 4th Team dominated with a 9-1 win over Bristol & West 6, with Phil being the standout player and Jeremy receiving praise for volunteering as the goalkeeper.

The Men's 5th Team faced a tough battle, losing 3-1 to Clifton Robinsons 7, but Dan Lusmore found the net and Rob Ledger excelled defensively, earning Man of the Match honours for Sam Bennett. Lastly, the Women's 4th Team secured a walkover win against Bristol Firebrands 6 Dev in the West Women's Berkeley Division 3.


Men's 1st Team

West Men's Premier

Bristol & West 1 [2 – 2] Bristol Firebrands 1

Mangotsfield School

1s played an intense match, and it ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw against Firebrands. Chip and Max were the goal-scoring wizards, with H and Chip providing the magical assists. But, oh boy, Disco got himself into a bit of a pickle by scoring a goal after the whistle had blown and picking up a yellow card.

Goals : Chip + Max Assists: H + Chip Mouse 🟡Disco🟡 Joey🟢Stumpy🟢

MVP + DEF : Gaz

DoD: Disco… many reasons - but scoring a goal after the whistle had gone and then picking up a yellow for it was enough on its own


Women's 1st Team

West Women's Division 1 North

Bristol Firebrands 2 [2 – 0] Bristol & West Jaspers 1

Bristol - Firebrands HC

Another close game for our Women's 1st team against tough opponents in the form of Firebrands. Having conceded 4 against them in pre-season, we reduced the deficit this time around. Great effort and strong performances across the pitch provide grounds for optimism as we find out feet in the new division.

POTM is Laura 🤩


Men's 2nd Team

West Men's Division 2 West

Bristol & West 2 [2 – 1] Yate 1

Yate Outdoor Sports Complex

They triumphed with a 2-1 victory against Yate, and it was quite the nail-biter! Josh C and Ed were the goal-scoring heroes, thanks to some fantastic teamwork from Will and Faerber. Jack even earned a green card, adding some extra flair to the match.

Goalscorers: Josh C, Ed

Assists: Will, Faerber

Green: Jack 🟢


Women's 2nd Team

West Women's Berkeley Division 2

Bristol & West Jaspers 2 [3 – 0] Badminton & Pucklechurch 1

Mangotsfield School

Absolute killer game from the 2s against our arch nemesis BAPS - half sandwich half hockey team.Talk about a showdown! They faced their arch-nemesis, BAPS, and emerged victorious with a 3-0 win. Ella (x2) and Hannah Biggs scored the goals, while Elsie (x2) and Katie Howles provided the assists. Elsie was the Player of the Match, and the team showed some love with votes for Chloe, Rach, and Smurph.

Goals: Ella x2 and Hannah Biggs

Assists: Elsie x2 and katie Howles

Pom: Elsie boss !!! Votes for Chloe rach and smurph :)


Men's 3rd Team

West Men's Bridge Division 1

Bristol & West 3 [0-1] Westbury & United Banks 2

Mangotsfield School

Close game at home for the 3s. Narrowly losing 1-0 vs an always strong Westbury side.


Women's 3rd Team

West Men's Bridge Division 2

Lydney 3 [2 – 0] Bristol & West Jaspers 3

Lydney - The Dean Academy (V)

Our women's 2s were unlucky not to bring home the points from over the bridge.


Men's 4th Team

West Men's Concorde Division 2

Bristol & West 4 [9– 1] Bristol & West 6

Mangotsfield School

It was a bit of a challenging outing for the 6s as they lost 9-1 to the 4’s. But, in a moment of glory, Matthew Williams scored a consolation goal that brought a spark of excitement to the game.

On the flip-side, the 4s were on fire! They lit up the scoreboard with goals from Matt Gimson, Phil Brock (x3), Ed Wood (x2), Drew, Ben, and Mark Sullivan. It was a team effort with assists coming from various players. The Man of the Match was none other than Phil, and a special shoutout to Jeremy for stepping up and volunteering to be the goalie!

Goals: Matt Gimson, Phil Brock x3, Ed Wood x2, Drew, Ben, Mark Sullivan,

Assists: Matt Gimson, Matt Sullivan, Ed Wood x2, Phil Brock, Drew, Mark Sullivan,Kev, Ben

MoM: Phil

Def: Jeremy - for volunteering for going in goal


Men's 5th Team

West Men's Bridge Division 2

Clifton Robinsons 7 [1 – 3] Bristol & West 5

Red Maids School

It was a tough day as they lost 3-1 on the road against Robbie’s. The lone beacon of hope was Dan Lusmore, who managed to find the net. And speaking of Dan, he got himself a green card too. Rob Ledger made some impressive defensive plays, earning him a bonus, and the title of Man of the Match went to Sam Bennett.


Women's 4th Team

West Women's Berkeley Division 3

Bristol & West Jaspers 4 (Dev) [5 – 0] Bristol Firebrands 6 Dev

Mangotsfield School



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