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Men's 1s lose tricky top of table clash

Written by Tom "Handles" Seager

We started in classic B&W style going two goals down first half. However after Jimmy's inspirational half time speech which he clearly rehearsed the night before, sparked motivation, particularly towards our head coach Tugs.

This energy of hope allowed him to convert a drag flick taken from our 11th attempted short corner. It was a magical and unbelievable moment for the team to experience. However the final score stayed at 2-1 to Bath Buccs ending with our team captain Ed being awarded a yellow card after the final whistle was blown.

Man of the Match goes to Dan Ott for generally being a solid bloke on and off the field.

DoD goes to Tom Seager for half the team being vegan Corbyn lovers*.

Goal(s): Tom Bryant

*Editor - this is disputed by the team, but this isn't our match report to write...

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