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Seconds Share Points With Robbies

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

4th March 2023

Clifton Robinsons 4s [2-2] Bristol & West 2s

Report by: Simon Barrett

The Mighty B&W 2s had a short journey away to Badminton School for a fixture against a struggling Robbies team languishing in the bottom half of the table. Buoyed by being undefeated in 2023, Hazelwood was uncharacteristically only 5 minutes late, practically on time for the stalwart defender, which meant that the usual Barrett rule of giving DOD to anyone who is later than Hazelwood had a higher than expected tally. Special mentions to Nevin, Iles, Roberts, Faerber, Richardson and Fish for turning our indomitable skipper into a not so happy bunny. But that’s ok, it would be his fellow centre back who would be on the receiving end of his glorious bouncing passes, not them.

A rousing speech from our mighty skipper got the lads in the right frame of mind and we started strong with the forward line of Lusmore, John and Roberts pressing well and putting the Robbies’ defence under pressure. It didn’t take long before a succession of short corners were won and up stepped our not-so-secret weapon. Some say he’s a selfish git who only wants to drag flick, some say he doesn’t like the ball being on the floor, some say he doesn’t look left....not sure who these people are but Lusmore, cool and calm, rifled a short corner at backboard height into the back of the net: 1-0 to the Mighty 2s.

It seemed business as usual and like another 3 points would soon be on its way as B&W settled in for the day. Unfortunately, Robbies had other ideas and as B&W pulled on their slippers and settled into a warm sofa, Robbies took control and slotted in an equaliser. Robbies continued the pressure with even the gargantuan reach of Grant and the tenacity of Faerber in midfield unable to stop Robbies entering the D and scoring a second. The half time whistle went: B&W 2-1 down.

Skipper did his best to pull off the lads’ comfy slippers and get them out of their warm wingback chairs with another rousing talk: Fish stirred from his slumber, Barrett put down his Horlicks and Iles looked up from his paper.

It had worked: the Mighty Oranges came out fighting with renewed vigour. They piled on the pressure, winning a series of short corners. In the one that counted, Lusmore was persuaded to try something different and the number 4 routine was employed. With an accurate drag out to the top of the D, deft slip to the right, powered pass towards the goal and a clinical deflection by Lusmore equalled the score at 2-2.

Unfortunately, the sounds of the open fire, dreams of a hot chocolate with a drop of something special, and a luxurious sofa was too much for the Mighty 2s and they took their foot off the gas. They settled back in and the game finished with a draw.

The Mighty Bristol & West 2s earned another point and continued their unbeaten run in 2023. Next up the old nemesis - Cardiff University.

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