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The Good, The Mad & The Potato

1st October 2022

University Of Bristol 3 [0-3] Bristol & West 2

Report by: Josh De Witt

The curtain raiser brought about quite the entrance for Bristol & West Men’s 2s as lead Dan Lusmore dazzled, supported by Dave Vernon, who produced the showpiece moment of the performance.

Act I. “A bright opening”

The lights dim and the game erupted into a fast paced start with UoB pressing high squeezing every technical sinew out of Oli Nevin & Dave Vernon who combined well to get West out and on the front foot.

Early West pressure resulted in a short corner. With a twinkle in his eye Dave leant forward and whispered “I have an idea”. Blowing caution to the wind and with the cheeky little face too adorable to turn down, we commenced into a move that results with Dan Lusmore with the ball in space. Put your house on it…


West continued to play with menace and once again Lusmore found himself in the D with the keeper to beat. Delicately lifting it past the keeper he added a cushion to plumpen the West lead.

Act II. “Hero’s rise”

As the game drew on Bristol began to grow into the game and opened up opportunities. Big Willy Madge had other ideas and launched a giant aerial bomb hurtling towards the sideline. They say opposites attract and true enough, brutality was met with grace as Dave Vernon delicately caressed the ball infield at full tilt, bringing the ball under control with the first touch before tipping past the defender with the second. Magic, magnetic, majestic - stories will be told of this for years to come ... by Dave ... to anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near him at the bar.

Rounding the final defender he played into Lusmore to make it 3-0, and close for the interval.

Act III. “Resilience”

The second half brought a new challenge as UoB came out with a renewed energy, gusto and verve. West stood up to the challenge, rebutting and disrupting the onslaught. The man mountain Charlie Grant put his enormous reach to use gathering balls from sideline to sideline. His midfield partner Si “Bash” Barrett clattered and thundered from tackle to tackle.

Following a barrage of short corners the final whistle blew to a rapturous reception from the away crowd of 4. West reciprocated their support and displayed gratitude with a celebratory lap of honour - the curtain call to a fine first outing.

Act IV. “Potato”

This video contains scenes some might find disturbing - viewer discretion advised!

Goals: Dan "Haaland" Lusmore x3

Assists: Dave "De Bruyne" Vernon x3

Man of the Match: Charlie "Potato" Grant

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