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Tight loss in Cardiff

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Written by: Dan Lusmore.

After continuing the winning streak last week the 2s were now off to Wales to face Cardiff Uni.

Preparations were not ideal as Lusmore lost his stick about 15 minutes before we left the Ridings and captain Si Barrett forgot to pick up the white shirts so had to go back and get them.

After arriving at Cardiff and having to change almost every piece of kit we were wearing, we finally got onto the pitch after a lengthy delay in the previous game. The umpires gave us around 3 minutes to get warm and learn the pitch before we had to get started.

The 2s had an amazing start, pressing Cardiff back into their own half. Rewards came and we took the lead through a poachers goal from Tom Varney who was assisted from a dribble down the baseline by Josh Tester.

After a few more good attacking plays and cynical breakdowns we managed to earn ourselves a penalty flick. Lusmore stepped up to take it but the keeper moved to his right to make the save, the Welsh keeper decided to scream a naughty word into his face so the umpire awarded a retake. Tester took this one, but unfortunately this was also saved.

Solid defence kept the opposition scoreless at halftime, and Bristol held a slender lead at the break.

In the second half Cardiff broke through and earned themselves a P-flick of their own, but unlike Bristol slotted it past RJ and into the goal with power.

Bristol then pressed hard, however the cards then started rolling out as 1 green and 2 yellows were produced (mostly for the opposition) Then the streak died... Cardiff broke through and scored a back post tap-in... it was 2-1 to Cardiff with 8 mins to go.. Bristol tried and tried to score a goal but couldn't unlock the 11 man defence.

The first loss of the season sees the 2s fall from their position at the top of the table but maintain their vastly superior goal difference.

MOM: Charlie Blandy

DOD: Dan Lusmore

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