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Training COVID-19 update

Dear all,

The health, safety and well-being of all of our members is at the forefront of what we do.

Everyone will be concerned about events in light of COVID-19 and involvement in activities. We are following advice from England Hockey (who in turn are following Government advice) and as a result training for this week REMAINS ON.

We understand some players may not wish to attend and, for junior training, parents may not wish to bring their children tonight.

In a hockey context, we would advise clubs and other hockey venues to ensure washing facilities have appropriate provision of hygiene products and urge players to follow the public health guidance in environments where they are in close proximity to others.

In addition please note:

1. Hand washing facilities are available in the toilets at the Ridings (Winterbourne International Academy) - please can you and your child use the facilities on arrival and when you leave.

2. Please ensure your child does not share any personal equipment or water bottles.

3. If your child has any symptoms, including a cough or high temperature, they MUST NOT ATTEND.

4. If you, or your child, has to self-isolate within the next 7 days please let me know. It is important to do this privately.

We will continue with training unless and until we are advised otherwise.

Thank you for your support during these uncharted times.

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