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2s Unbeaten Run Continues

'All by myself at UWE '

Report by Kian Goodwin

15th October 2022

Bristol & West 2 [2-2] Bristol UWE

Saturday is Si Barrett’s favourite day of the week… Hockey day! This report is going to be short and sweet, a bit like Nevin, since I left it too long since the game to write and can’t remember what actually happened! The reason for not doing this sooner is that I spent all weekend on Spond learning how to work out whether the game is ‘home’ or ‘away’ and had no time for the all-important report. However, I’ll try and recap Si’s favourite day the best I can!

The team arrived on the sunny morning pumped, full of energy and ready for a ruthless match against UWE at home. All were ready, except me, who turned up at the wrong pitch. 😕 Nevertheless, I’m sure the warmup was class and the boys were buzzing for the match to begin.

The game started and we went hard and fast at the young team, all guns blazing. I can’t remember what order things happened, but I do remember some great runs from Stumpy and Nevin as LB and RB dominating the defence, shutting down UWE every time on the wing. Max caused havoc in the midfield with fast pace and tekky skills giving the ball to strikers left right and centre.

This goal is a blurred memory but I remember hearing a squeaky scream from Josh in excitement as we scored to make it 1-0 and sending cheers across the #fortress Mangotsfield.

After this it got a bit messy and a little fast kid from UWE bashed in a goal. But the boys were still hungry and raring to go, and after a few oranges at half time we got back out there fighting. Still UWE managed to win a short and scored from a flick putting us down 1-2. 10 minutes left on the clock and we win a short corner. With Lusmore angry he wasn’t on the pitch when it was awarded, Max stepped up for a cheeky number 1 and flicked the ball into the back of the net. 2-2.

After the final whistle and then showers, we headed to the club house where we waited for some delicious warm food to come out. After a tough game I was dreaming of a nice bit of sausage and chips, however all we got was a slice of Tescos Finest pizza. Maybe I’m bitter and grumpy about this because as well as going to the wrong pitch, I also forgot my shoes and had to sit there in just my socks! To top it off, I got ‘DOTD’, even though Faerber smacked someone on the head with his stick and pretended it was an accident! At the end of the day, after sitting there with my nipples out whilst getting cold, the boys did their best and came out with a point. I also learnt never to be late again and to check and double check the venue! I’ll see you at Bridgend AWAY for the next one.

MOM – Max (2 x goals)

DOTD – Kian

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