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Westberries (3) 5 - 2 Bristol & West Jaspers (2)

It was another tough game for the Ladies 2s, playing Westberries 3s who were 2nd in the league. We started in a new 4-3-3 formation which really played to the strengths of the team. There were some excellent passages of play and some lovely short, sharp passing. The defenders did some excellent switching around the back and the attackers drove well to the back line. We managed to score two cracking goals. One for Rachel in her first game in the 2s this season and another cheeky one for Char just after a short corner. The final result was a 5-2 loss. The thing as Vice Captain I am most proud of is the positivity and never say die attitude the team came out with on the day. We are building in momentum and a win is just around the corner!!!

Written by player of match: Bernie Meachin

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