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Winning form found for BWJ2s

After 3 away games back to back it felt good to be playing at our home pitch again, with our home supporters cheering us on from the sideline. The team arrived more or less on time and we felt on fighting form after a high-tempo warm up. We came out hard in the first 15 minutes which took our opponents - South Gloucestershire who are third in the league - by surprise. After about 20 minutes Clare Smith earned our first short corner of the match. We picked our strongest set piece but it got cut out by their defence and another short corner was awarded. We set up again, determined to make it work this time, and sure enough Clare Smith smashed it home putting us in the lead for the first time this season!

The excitement was evident and the adrenaline was pumping but we managed to keep our composure and hold the scoreline at 1-0 until half time. Everyone was playing exceptionally well so the half-time team talk (complete with customary oranges) was a positive one. We knew that South Glos would come back hard in the second half so we made sure we came out even harder. There was a spell where they kept us deep in our 25 and they had a flurry of short corners but our defensive wall remained solid.

This half felt like the longest 35 minutes ever as we were holding on to such a narrow lead but the final whistle blew, confirming our first win of the season. We celebrated as though we'd won the league but it was a well-deserved victory and the team gave a performance they should be proud of.

Written by MoM: Ellie Wyke

Goal scored by: Clare Smith

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