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Women's 2s Sink South Glos

3rd December 2022

South Gloucestershire 2 [0-3] Bristol & west Jaspers 2

Report by Tegan

B&WJ 2’s arrived at Bradley Stoke school ready to start the game. After a minor inconvenience involving a lorry and a blocked roundabout, we soon saw everyone in the changing rooms where captain Ella gave a motivational talk to get us raring to start the game.

When we arrived on the pitch, we knew it was going to be a cold and damp match. The 2’s ignored this and proceeded to warm up, and pushed for a win for the last game before the Christmas break. After warming up, Ella gave us our inspirational poem before running onto the pitch.

As the game started, the team strung together a series of passes until there was a break in South Glos’ defence to get the ball through. After a couple of unlucky chances missed by the slimmest of margins, Emily received the ball and fired it to Phoebe where she dribbled it across the pitch, into the D and lifted the ball through the keepers legs- 1-0.

Soon after, we reached the half time whistle where the team discussed great play and how we were unlucky to miss some cracking chances at goal. Being 1-0 up, the 2’s ran back onto the pitch to go twice as hard in the second period. During the second half, we started off very well with keeping possession, and breaking down South Glos’s attacking play if they somehow got through. Minutes into the second half, Phoebe slapped the ball to Tabby in the D, where she was able to slot it into the left hand corner- 2-0.

As both teams started to get tired, the 2’s knew they wanted more. With this, Hannah slipped the ball to Tegan where she slapped the ball beautifully between the keepers legs to make it 3-0. After a cold and dark game, the 2’s came out on top with a 3-0 victory over a strong South Glos team. Once the full time whistle blew, the 2’s celebrated in excitement, and huddled together to praise one another for the perseverance and resilience shown by everyone. With finishing on a high before the Christmas break, the next half of the season is looking very hopeful for the B&WJ 2’s.

Goals- Phoebe, Tabby, and Tegan

Assists- Emily, Phoebe and Hannah

POM- Tegan

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