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Gameweek Roundup 3rd December

A difficult week for Bristol & West as we entered December. Lack of availability across the men's sides meant small squads and the cancellation of our 6s game. This is likely reflected in the results, as we struggled to put points on the board. In contrast, the women's squads were stacked with quality and posted another clean sweep of victories. Most impressively, our men's and women's 1st teams remain in the small group of teams to remain unbeaten after 9 games.

The Stats

Keeper of the week

Laura Grand - POTM and a clean sheet - 27 points

Defender of the week

Megan Long - 1 goal, 1 assist and a clean sheet - 27 points

Midfielder of the week

Millie Aish - 2 goals, 1 assist and POTM - 27 points

Forward of the week

Tegan Callen - 1 goal, a clean sheet and POTM - 21 points

Well done to all 👏🏻 🏑


Men's 1st Team

University Of Bristol 2 [4-4] Bristol & West

1s drew 4-4 against Bristol Uni in the top of the table clash. A feisty game saw us surrender a 4-1 lead to share the points and match Bristol Uni at the top of the league table. Or so we thought! To the surprise of the team, when the league table was posted, we found ourselves 3 points clear with a 5-0 win due to the opposition fielding an ineligible player. With one game left before Christmas, our 1s have the opportunity to finish the first half of the season unbeaten.

Goals from Todd, Spacer, Tugs, Ed

MoM to Gareth - No holes in the Wall

DoD to Ed - Having a pregame pint

Thanks for all who came to support.


Women's 1st Team

Bristol & West Jaspers 1 [5-0] Westberries 2

Well done 1s on a massive win today! We really got stuck in and played some lovely hockey this morning beating Westberries 5-0 🙌🎉

Goals: Meg x1, Claudia x2, Annie x1, Charlotte x1 🥅

Assists: Meg x1, Toni x1, Han x1, Carly x1, Charlotte x1 🏑

POTM: Daisy, Laura and Toni 🤩🤩🤩

Clearly a big team effort playing well all over the pitch today, special mention to Daisy and Char both saving the ball off the line today and some big saves from Laura to keep our clean sheet 😍💪


Men's 2nd Team

Bristol & West 2 [3-5] Neath

Disappointing week for the 2s 😕. 3-5 defeat against Neath. Great attacking moments in between some shaky periods off the ball.

Goals: Fish 🐟 x2, Joe

MOM: Fish 🐟

DOD: Charlie


Women's 2nd Team

South Gloucestershire 2 [0-3] Bristol & West Jaspers 2

A wicked game had by the twos! Managed to win 3-0 against South Glos with everyone playing a great game! 🧡

Goals: Tegan, Phoebe and Tabby

POM: Tegan closely followed by Elsie with votes for Nat, Liv and Karen

Another great effort by all on the pitch and a big thanks to all supporters 😁🐝


Men's 3rd Team

Chard 1 [4-2] Bristol & West 3

Goals Ben n and si F

Assist Luz and Jack

Motm james (absolute unit)

Dotd Jack (green card)

Defender bonus Si F


Women's 3rd Team

Bristol Bluebirds 1 [1-5] Bristol & West Jaspers 3

3s had their final match in the painful cold! Think all players in every team found it harder to breath yesterday but all still pushed through like champs. The only warmth came from the warm welcome towards having Shaz Queen back in goal 👑🥅

We started with a good white board sesh and hussled in the match - winning 5 - 1!

POTM : Millie 🙌

Defender : Olivia

Goals : Millie x2, Frankie x2, Anna

Assists : Millie, Alice x2, Lizzie, Dibbs

Everyone that has played in the 3s this season so far has been absolutely amazing and should be chuffed with their efforts and commitment!

Go have a wonderful Christmas all, look forward to what 2023 brings the club 😊🎉


Men's 4th Team

Weston-Super-Mare [5-2] Bristol & West 4

M4 loss 2 vs 5 WSM1

Goals. Jeremy Bourke, Ryan Johnson

Assists. Ryan, Ben Douglass

Mom. Ryan

Def. Phil Brocklehurst


Men's 5th Team

Bristol & West 5 [2-5] Clifton Robinsons 7

5s had a right old battle against top of the table Robbie’s. Went 2-0 up and ended up losing 2-5!!

Scorers were Nathan and Steve Chan. Assists from Smeg and Toby

MOTM was Chris G

Defender Bonus to Chris G!!

DoD was Nathan mostly for falling over. Unbelievably Chris G was also heavily nominated for an appalling back pass leading to a goal. Shame he didn’t make the clean sweep ;)

Great game enjoyed by all.

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